NB Cerus question

sparky_10November 11, 2005

The weather down here in SW MS has been so weird, my plants are confused! Two hurricanes, frost, near record-high temps....My Nightblooming Cerus doesn't know what to do.

It didn't bloom as much this summer as it usually does. Here it is, November 11, and there's a prospering bud on it! The latest its ever bloomed before was November 2nd.

Isn't their blooming season supposed to end in September? What's the latest any of you have had a NB Cerus bloom?

Oh, and I have several cuttings rooted in water. Twice buds appeared but they didn't mature. Anyone ever had one actually bloom in water?

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Julie_Alley(z5 On Canada)

My night blooming cerus is in bloom now too. it always blooms now.I put it outside for the summer, when the nights get cold it buds, once in bud I bring it in and it blooms till christmas. I thought that was when they were suppost to bloom. Mabe they go into bloom after a bit of cold no matter the time of year. I've had mine for many years and its still healthy so at the verry least I can tell you blooming now won't hert it.

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Thanks for replying, Julie. These southern varieties prefer the heat of summer! We are having a cold snap for the next 3 days...lows 30 - 38. I brought the plant in; I don't expect the bud to mature now. :^(

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What a weird coincidence...I forgot I posted this question. Was just visiting the Birdwatching forum and remembered to check here for any more replies.

Out of curiosity, I looked at the plant - THE BLOOM IS OPEN! I don't know when it opened. That poor plant had been moved into an unused front room last Friday; I was careful not to bump the mature bud but forgot about it til just now.

I love strange coincidences!

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My night blooming cerus have ants on them. Mostly they are going for the buds as they get bigger. I made up some strong dawn and water and sprayed them pretty heavy. This was 2-3 days ago. They are on a table under my carport so no direct sunlight or heat gets to them. Today I see blister like areas on the leaves. Any idea what this could be?

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My only guess would be that your Dawn mix was too strong. That's gnarly! Never seen blisters like that.

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