moon flower won't bloom help!

dyanaNovember 15, 2006

I bought my moon flower in August from a couple that was moving. It had one tiny bloom pod on it and they said that it would bloom within the next few weeks. They told me to plant it in a bigger pot with a trelis and face it west.

I have done all of this and it is now November and nothing! The one tiny pod never bloomed and after it fell off I have yet to even see any new pods. What can I do? Please help, I was so excited about having a moon flower and now I wonder if I will ever see it's flowers!

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"Moon flower" is a pretty broad umbrella term. If you could. My knowledge is in the genus Datura, so I'll try to help you out. It would be ideal to identify this plant before we go any further. Here is a picture of one of my Datura wrightii with an opening bloom and a couple of developing buds:
And an overhead shot from a few days later:

If that looks anything like what you have, then I can help you out. First, transplanting any Datura is a bad idea, especially when the cold is beginning to set in. Datura flowers when its root system is well established, and the plant is mature. If it has a bud on it, leave the plant alone. The flower will eventually open, and a seed pod will appear a couple of weeks after. All Datura are self-pollinating. The flower itself only lasts for a night or two. Developing flowers and fruit frequently drop off when the plant is transplanted. Let's move on.

Depending on which species of Datura you have, you're going to want to adjust your conditions. First, look at the stems. Do they appear furry, or smooth? If smooth, it's either Datura ceratocaula or Datura metel. Both love the heat. If the stems and/or leaves have hairs on them, then we have a few choices. The most commonly cultivated Daturas are selected for their massive flowers (as seen in my photographs), so that may help in narrowing down our identification to a few species. Datura wrightii and Datura inoxia look about the same, and both develop thick roots to withstand the winter. Datura discolor has similar appearance, but is distinguished by a coloured ring (usually a shade of violet or red) on the interior of the flower's corolla.

Datura love heat, regardless of their species. Of course, I am assuming that your plant is a Datura. One way to tell off the bat is to run a couple of fingers along the underside of a leaf and smell those fingers. Datura exudes a distinctive odor when disturbed. Make sure to wash your hands after doing that, though, as Datura is an extremely toxic plant. If you can produce a photograph, I can try to pinpoint your plant's exact ID.

What you should try doing is bringing the plant in the house, or some place warm (above freezing, or better yet, above 50) to extend its growing period. Put it in front of a window, glass door, or anywhere where it will receive sun. It helps to know what your plant's water requirements are right here. Most plants like water, but too much watering provides ample conditions for fungi and root rot. Datura, in particular, is a plant that doesn't need a lot of water. If we decide that your plant is a member of this genus, I would suggest giving it water every three to four days, or whenever the soil is dry again, adjusting waterings as per the plant's response.

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i have got to tell you this. i have one plant of the M.F. in front of my house. bad planning cause i didnt know the bushed out. the plant is about 10 yrs old. anyway, last spring i was cleaning up the yard a bit and i came across the outer plant where the seeds live inside. its a round thing with prickers on it. anyway, i opened up the prickly ball and thought "what the heck. i had a tree taken down so there was a big plot of just dirt where the grass never grew and i took the seeds and scattered the seeds and stomped on them, and do you know about 8 plants came up and were beautiful all summer. i have some pods still hanging on the plants so if anyone wants one i can send it. just let me check tomorrow to make sure exactly how many are there are.

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I would love to have one of your pods. I have always wanted to grow datura. you can email me at or just send the seeds to

2254 gold st
Redding Ca

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