night blooming cerious

pinecone(East Texas)November 26, 2003

We have put the night blooming cerious in its winter home along with all the other plants I do not need!!!

I have made leaf cuttings. I had several request for cuttings in the Spring. I have enough for 20 of you Garden WEBERS!

I will be happy to send you 2 leaf cuttings in a self addressed stamped envelope.

You will need to plant them in a looooose potting soil.

Keep the soil damp. Winter light. and 50 to 60 degrees.

If your house is winter dry you will need some moisture for the cuttings.


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Would they bloom in Canada? They would need to be in the house through winter ... but could they grow outside in my garden in the summer...are these the type of plants to keep in containers?


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LaBella(Z7 BC)

Please put me on the list!
I would love to grow one of yours on! I have found hanging baskets work best for summer hanging around and an easy bring indoors for winter.
Thanks, La Bella

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I would love some! Please give me the details and thanks for offering these.

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pinecone(East Texas)

I can't ans your question about Canada? They are tropical plants. I happen to be one who will try any plant. That is a BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIG problem for me! HA!

I am also not sure if I can send cuttings to Canada. You will have to check and plan on American postage for 6 oz.


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