Need help - care to suggest a tree?

lusqdJuly 10, 2009

We relandscaped our yard a couple years ago, and put in a Larch tree (directional, or bi-directional - I forget). It didn't make it, and we are hoping to find something equally interesting to replace it. We are thinking of some kind of ornamental tree or maybe shrub. I was considering weeping cherry, but they seem to be zone 5?

It will be planted very near the sidewalk, but about 2' above it in a retaining walled off area. We were leaning toward a weeping variety, as we want something that won't get too tall (under 12'), and would prefer a small spread (6' tops). It should have good visual interest - I wouldn't mind something that flowers. We already have a weeping pussywillow near it, so something other than that.

So, can you think of anything that might fit the bill that will survive being fairly exposed on a corner of a city lot in the Twin Cities?

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

How about a dwarf flowering crabapple? Or even an edible crabapple?


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Weeping Crabapple
Weeping Peashrub

When did the larch die? They are truly a wonderful plant, but i have found they can be a little touchy when it comes to transplanting, especially the time of year. No problems when dormant or shortly before/after dormancy.

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ginkgonut - we've actually lost two :( Both just never budded out in the spring - actually they started (just little green nubs) but never came fully out. On the advice of Gerten's, we dug up the current one & put it in a bucket of water to try to "shock it back", but I'm afraid after a week it's truly a goner. Both were planted originally in July. I think we saw the weeping peashrub - they said it was much easier to grow.

selkie b - any suggestions on a specific dwarf variety?

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