Dart's Gold Ninebark

jodikayJuly 2, 2009

Hi, I have a dart's gold ninebark, second year in my garden, and the edges of leaves are turning dark brown and getting crispy. Some of them even looked bleached out. The leaves on the lower plant and closer to the trunk are just fine and are green. The same thing happened last year. It has been dry here but I have been watering. I have been searching around and have seen where it can handle full sun to part shade. Mine is probably getting more full sun. So I am wondering, should I consider moving it to more part shade? Does anyone have this in their garden with this condition? I thought I would try the mn forum before I try the shrub forum.

Thanks for the help,


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I don't have that plant, but plenty of yellow leaved plants. What you describe does sound like sunburn.

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I normally keep yellow leaved plants out of full sun but I followed the tag and it said full sun. I posted to the shrub forum this morning but I think moving it is the best thing to do. Happy gardening and Happy 4th of July!


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Hi Jodi,

I have one in part sun, and do not have browning leaves, however, in the shady area it seems to get a nasty case of powdery mildew. Something to watch for if you move it. I looked it up when it got really bad last summer and it was not out of the ordinary for the plant.


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Hi Helen, I am watching the spot I am thinking to move it to. Right now the spot is getting some morning sun and will get sun off and on all day, its in an area with some large oak trees. The ninebark is getting no sun right now but gets a lot in the afternoon. I think it would do better with morning sun and not the scorching afternoon sun. Its a beautiful shrub and bloomed very pretty this year. I really like it.
Thanks for the advice.

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