Cultivating Belle Blanche Moon Flower

Cassie217(5)December 12, 2004

I thought my plant was dead but I brought it inside anyway.. Now i have several little seedlings coming and its the middle of December... will they be ok to grow indoors... also the main plant itself has started to sprout new green leaves at the bottom of the stalk.. If i keep it indoors will it continue to grow? Can I take stem cuttings off of this plant if the stems have a few green leaves coming on them... and if so How do i do that...

If anyone knows your knowledge will be greatly appreciated..


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Just my personal opinion, I would leave the plant alone for now. I have never tried to propagate Datura but I think
you can take cuttings in early summer. The seedlings are thirsty little buggers as you probably have noticed. How
are they coming along for you?

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