Trellis Needed?

APRIL_823(Z9 TEXAS)December 30, 2003

I plan to plant moonvines around my carport posts this summer. My questions is whether or not I need to put up some kind of support for the vines to climb or will they develop "suckers" for themselves. The posts are steel. Thanks in advance.


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Gee, we aren't a very talkative forum are we? Moonvines twine so you will need a support. You can wrap chicken wire around the posts, or maybe they can twine that wide just around the post. Since I don't know how wide the posts are I can't say.
Happy New Year.

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Thanks for responding. I started the seeds in Jiffy Peat Pellets yesterday, and I guess I'll put up chicken wire.


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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

You could also make a trellis out of a plastic type string( for lack of the correct term) That's what I use to grow my sweet peas on by the mail box. It is black and has small squares, it comes in a roll so you can cut it to the size you need and it is fairly cheap.

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sunburygirl(z5 OH)

I agree with luvmydaisies. What's she's talking about is the plastic netting they sell to drape over fruit trees to protect the fruit. It's feather light, strong, fairly cheap, almost invisable and easy to work with. I've used it several times for trellis support with great success! Good luck.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Hey what a great idea!

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I have never used a trellis, mine just will not climb..they spread all over the ground??? Saw this question early this year and tried the tree cover net that you all suggested..Guess what..they are climbing!! You know that will be one more beautiful thing.
It may have been also that they did not get enough sun. I saw that if you give plenty of sunlight they will grow even more.

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I just wanted to post a follow-up on my moonflower attempt. I did plant in the peat pellets, but all my babies became very leggy and had declining health until all died. I direct sowed in I think April or May, and I constructed a trellis from twine on my carport post. (some help from boyfriend) My moonflowers are now about 8 feet tall, still no flowers, though. But I did fertilize my yard and I think they may have gotten some 36-6-6 on them. Which would definetly explain the vine and no flowers situation. All I had to do to get them to climb was place the growing tip near the twine and they twined and took off upward pretty much on thier own. I have been very pleased with the direct sowing method and I think they did much better this way. I'll let yall know if and when I get flowers!


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Hi April! I purchased a 6 foot tall willow teepee for my moon garden to flank it on the right. The moon flowers are up to the top all ready - but no blooms yet. The cool thing is that the teepee is totally collapsable and was only 22 bucks at the garden store. They used to be super expensive catalog only.

You should do fine in your zone - I'm worried about our shorter growing season here up north. Good luck!

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