Make plans for Chicago area swap...

sheltiecheFebruary 24, 2009

It is never too soon to make plans.

Annual plant swap Chicago area will take its place as previous years in Skokie on Memorial Day weekend Friday eve.

We had successful ones for the last two years, hopefully this year "Gardens without borders" will be bigger and better...

mark your calendars, will have more posted info or send me email if you have any questions...

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Would love to participate. If I don't have a lot to swap are their plants for sale for a nominal fee? I have tons of daylilies, for example, but they won't be ready then.

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this plant swap does not have special restriction to it- no "bring one pot and exchange it for one pot of same value" type of rules. You bring what you have and you take what you like. My neighbor and I have large established gardens and happy to share. We usually have variety of people coming- from newbiews who do not have much of the garden yet to "old hats" winter sowers who have seedlings coming through their ears. People bring divisions of old plants or tiny recently germinated seedlings, from veggies to annuals to perennials. You welcome to bring any gardening tools/books/decorations/ pots that you do not need anymore- we set aside place for such.
Little bit later in a season I will ask people on Winter Sowing forum to share if they want to do any special trades-
I list what I have grown and have extras and people will list their extra plants. People who are coming could request what they like to be brought/ set aside for them. Usually it again works on "being fair" base. Most gardeners are very giving people and happy to share what they grow so we have never had a problem with self regulation.
If one feels that he/ she is just starting and has very little to bring to share we do have a "donation box" and you welcome to give a dollar or two to future our development.
All plants that have been brought and unrequested we are either find good homes later on after the swap or give to local charities like schools, shelters etc.
Needless to say even tried and true Stella D'oro and ditch lily usually find their owners- with everything going in economy paying $5-10 for such pot in local box store is a problem for many people.

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gonativegal(zone 5a)

I will try and make it this year - last year I wrote down (like a dumdum) the wrong date and missed it. I'd really love meet all you guys.

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Hey, Nativegal!
I was wondering what happen to you last year. My co-host neighbor is very interested in native plants, as time goes by I am trying to grow more and more plants that survive in "hands off gardening" inevitably leading to natives. Would love to chat with you!

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Where can I find more information on it-exact location, time, etc? I'm nearby and would like to attend.

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If you go to my page - it has my email address. Email is the best way to communicate with me. I will send email to you.

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This is my first year gardening and I went a little nuts with seeding. It is very addicting. I will be showing up with plenty of plants, and look forward to it.

This forum is great. When I googled a question I always knew search results leading here would have a useful answer.

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Please check out post on Winter sowing forum for haves/ wants trades and future info if interested.

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