? about moonflowers and morning glory....

Juhii1(z9 N. CA)December 13, 2002

I had planned on planting morning glories at the base of a garden arch, now I wonder can I plant both together there and have the benefit of both flowers during the day and flowers at night?


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I have planted both together with good results. Both grew equally well and bloomed heavily.

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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

I, too, have planted moonflowers and morning glories in the same patch. They intertwined, and were absolutely gorgeous. The morning glory greenery is just a little less dark than that of the moonflowers, and they looked really good together.

One thing I found, though, is that moonflowers produce a whole honk load of green really quickly, but take longer to flower than the morning glories. So at the beginning of the season, I had a ton of moonflower greenery, and all my morning glory blooms were low on the trellis.


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I grow pearly gates morning glories and they are nearly identical to the moonflowers, but a smaller and non-fragrant
version. The blooms are about the size of the heavenly blues, which is a rather large bloom for a morning glory. These blooms stay open nearly all day for me since they bloom later in the season and the days are cooler. They even stay open in the evenings most of the time. I don't consider them morning blooms at all in my yard.
My moonflowers are so late to bloom here that the frost usually gets them. I tried starting them indoors and even outdoors earlier, but they just refuse to grow until the soil is very warm, sigh.
My daturas will just have to be the substitute to grow just in case my moonflowers fail me.

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seth(z5 coastal ME)

Fishies you're in zone 4 and you've had luck with moonflower vine?

Can you give me any advice? I've found that I don't have much luck starting seeds indoors (don't have grow lights or any place to put them where the cats won't get at them) and if I plant them after last frost here in Maine the first frost kills them before they have time to really bloom.

How do you do it?

I'm considering winter sowing them (see the winter sowing forum) but have never tried that before...



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One thought, not that it needs to be said, but I was dumb enough to plant more than one of each on an obelisk last year... it fell over. So don't over plant it! They can get really heavy and it was overkill anyhow. But, I bet no one was/is as dumb as I was.

Seth, the best results I've had were nicking them with a fingernail clipper (needs to be a hefty nick) and then soaked them overnight between papertowels. Just be certain to put them in pretty large pots when it starts to grow, like a 3 incher to begin with. I had blooms from the time the sweet peas quit until I yanked them. Oh, and incidentally, they're not annuals, they're tender perennials. Hope that helps!


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fishies(Ottawa z4a or 5)

Hey Seth,
I'm really not sure WHAT I did - that was the first year I'd ever planted flowers. I had some good loam, and added a whole honkload of sheep manure. So they had super-duper-turbo-boost rich soil, but that's it. I didn't start the seeds indoors. I didn't give them any other special treatment. The location was full sun almost all day, and VERY sheltered - perhaps that was the reason for my success? I dunno. I moved the following winter, and haven't grown them since, I don't know if I would be able to duplicate it.

Insofar as moonflowers being perennials, even though it's true that they are, they really can't be treated as such when growing them in the north. If you think of them as perennials, you'll sink yourself into funk and despair. Best to pretend that they're SUPPOSED to die, I think. Less guilt, anyway...


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I would plant at least 3 MG's to every moonflower. The moonflowers have very lush and large leaves. They tend to hide the flowers of other vines (I planted mine with clitoria last summer). I prune the growing tips of the moonflowers heavily at the height of growing season. They fill back out in a week. The Moonflower foliage tends to shade out the morning glories and impede flowering. I plan to grow moonflowers and white hyacinth bean together this summer. Since the flower styles are different and the hyacinth bean sends out racemes of flowers they should compliment each other. Of course purple hyacinth bean would look stunning too. I could'nt find a picture of white hyacinth bean but here is a link to a picture of the purple. That way you can get an iden of what I am describing.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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What about planting moonflower, morning glory, AND four o'clock together?

I have this idea:

We have a carport that gets southern & western light. It's attached to the storage shed & house, but there are two poles also holding it up. I'm going to run chicken wire between the poles, attaching them with cable ties, & put windowsill boxes beneath or in front of the wire for those three vines to climb.

How does this idea sound?

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bouquet(z8 Dallas)

I like the white hyacinth vine with moonflower vine idea... I already have seeds for both but never thought to plant them together! Would look very nice on my ugly chainlink fence behind white crepe myrtles. Thanks for a great idea!

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imari2(z5a IL)

I took down an 8 ft arch ,8 ft shepherd's hook and an obelisk wayyy too many plants!!!! in 2000, last year I
put only one vine per location lol/ trial and error/ last year was the first year they bloomed for me and they were beautiful going to try to start them in March and get a jump on spring!!! I haven't had good luck with seeds indoors but I am trying again

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Hi-I was just wondering if any one has heard of kids making a drug from moonflower seeds? I live in Nebraska, I seen a story on my local news station last summer. The station said if anyone had these types of flowers they were to destroy them or they would be ticketed if caught growing them. A girl either died or almost died from the drug, I don't quite remember. The seeds were boiled and I think the juice was drank made from the boiling of the seeds. Kids also were getting caught steeling plants from yards. I just was curious if this has happened any where else? thanks

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How about moonvines and clemantis vines? Will the moonvines choke out the clemantis?

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Taranymph(z7 TX)

From what I understand, morning glory seeds are hallucinagenic. Also toxic. Plus, who knows what the seeds are sprayed with or coated with? Can't imagine it would be illegal to grow morning glories or moonflowers. Good luck.

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What do you think about moonflowers and sweet peas? I started my plants inside this year and the moonflower are doing wonderful... the sweet pea is coming along slowly. I can't plant in the ground because I live in an apartment! Pots are a pain! Does anyone have any ideas on what to do when the season winds down and I will need to bring the plants inside?

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GraeBeard(z6 KY)

In response to the drug thing...
Some Datura are called Moon Flowers. The ones that I just bought are labeled as such. Datura is a hallucinogenic. That's probably what they were talking about.

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butterflydiva(z9 CA,USA)

yes i've heard of the "herbal ecstasy" incidents....
just recently(within the last two years) have i even seen morning glories sold in stores again...so glad they're legal again!!=)

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marishka(z5 Canada)

I'm interested in the white or purple hyacinth vine seeds. Where would I find them?

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Julesagain(Z8 GA)

Those in northern zones could try things like black or clear plastic to warm up the soil, and also I have heard before that you have to cut into the hard seed coat as Robin said. That might help you squeeze them into your season.
Also super fertilized soil would tend to give lots of foilage but less flowers. Perhaps starting the morning glories before the moonflowers so they have a head start would help them bloom better. This really sounds like a lovely combo.

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dstny1957(z5 IN)

Okay, any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated. I have started moonflowers early indoors. They came up and were doing fine and then they fell over. I have one left, which I put outside and it's trying to be ok. I have started more outside, but no results. Is there something that I am doing wrong here? I started morning glories in both containers and right in the soil and they are going to town? Just don't understand it. Not all the seeds for the Moonflower were obtained at the same time or the same place so I don't think the seed is tainted. This is my first experience and it's been pretty dismal! Any help greatly appreciated.

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Witch(8 / Austin Area)

I had a boyfriend in high school that used to get high on morning glory seeds every day. They were sold with a coating, but he would just cook it off. I'm sure he'd love to get his hands on some untreated morning glory seeds, like we have!!!

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Is it possible to grow moonflowers inside during the winter? I have loads of seeds now, just was wondering if I soaked them overnite and put them in a small pot, would they grow? Here is a picture of the seeds I have.

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