Lavender Planting

UKtransplant(Z5 MO USA)March 28, 2005

I have just recieved some Heirloom English Lavender seed, any suggestions as to whether I sew in peat pots in the greenhouse or directly into the garden soil?

Thanks in advance

Steve the UKtransplant... get it ... transPLANT ... weird sense of humor these Brits

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tadeusz5(z5 il)

start them seeds in Peat/perlite/soil mixture in pots, that way you can control watering, until they are ready for
transplanting directly into beds.

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UKtransplant(Z5 MO USA)

Hi tadeus

Thanks for the advice this forum is a godsend to me as I am only just starting to learn all about the various differences tween here and the UK.

Thanks again

Steve the UKtransplant

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NinjaPixie(z5 Chicago)

Welcome, Steve! I second what tadeusz5 posted -- I'd start them in peat pots, then plant them outside when the soil gets warm.

Depending on where you are in Missouri, you might want to look into "hardening off" your baby plants before planting outside, and investigate what you'll need to do to protect them when winter comes. (I'm near Chicago, and we've had some unpredictable cold snaps... but it's probably milder down where you are, so do take my paranoia with a grain of salt.)

I also second what you said: the forums are a godsend. They're crammed with nice people and fantastic info.

About the UK, I must confess some serious climate envy! My partner and I honeymooned over there last year, and we saw so many amazing gardens. It's easy to fall in love with rhododendrons when a stunning 20-footer is staring you in the face...

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UKtransplant(Z5 MO USA)

Hi NinjaPixie,

Thanks for the secondary vote on the peat pots. Hardening off is a good bet and I will do just that!

As far as the climate over there you must have gone during a warm spell. Usually its warm and wet during the summer, cool and wet during the fall cold and wet during the winter and cool and wet once more in spring.

I much prefer real seasons like we have here in MO. By the way I loved the Hancock Tower on a visit to Chicago ... especially seeing as the guy that took me up there paid the bill. The view was incredible seeing as we were up there at night.

And yes the Rhodies over there are pretty spectacular, the local cemetery to where I lived was amass with them. My Dad used to say its due to the "body" of the soil.

Anyway thanks once again

Steve the UKtransplant

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