What the heck kills English Ivy?

lilionMarch 27, 2007

First - Hello! I've never posted here before and hope I'm not too far North to join in with you folks - I'm in Mid-Mo.

I have English Ivy planted around a large oak tree in my yard. I know, some people feel it's a horrible plant, but I keep it trimmed and contained and don't let it get big enough to blossom and even go to the extent of burning the trimmings so they can't spread somewhere unwanted. But now it's dying-all of it. Looks horrible. It's about three years old and has looked great until now. There is a lot of leaves in the bed from last fall that I haven't cleaned out yet, but that should hurt it. There is a large black colony in the same bed, within the ivy, that I've never been able to erradicate. Could they be killing my ivy? I planted it specifically because it was hard to kill, so this is a puzzle for me.

Any ideas?

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Since no one seems able to help me I'll just let my post die into obscurity. Hopefully it'll live. Thanks anyway.

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alys -- sorry no one was able to help -- sometimes the forums aren't too active or a question is such a puzzler that no one can help. Please don't let that stop you from posting again -- I've gotten lots of great information from these forums. You might try posting on the disease forum to see if anyone there knows. The only other suggestion I have is to take a sample of the plant to your local master gardening clinic. Dig up a piece, roots and stems and leaves, bag it in a ziploc bag, and take it to the clinic. Someone there will have a much better chance of helping you figure this out; they're trained to know all the right questions to ask, and there may be something specific going on in your area that they know about that forum people don't. Give it a try. The land grant college or university in your state should have a plant diagnosis lab, too, so sending a sample to them would be another possibility, although not as convenient. Good luck!

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