What flying bug just stung me twice at 10pm in the garden?

srj19(4)August 30, 2012

So there I was wearing a headlamp out in the garden well after dark (my only opportunity to water) when I suddenly hear some winged creature close to me and I feel "something" on my neck and shoulder. It wasn't immediately painfull but grew in intensity. All I knew at first was something made contact.

I see no stinger at all, just welts with a dot in the center. Can this be a bee or wasp well after dark? The other strange thing is the the intense sting was fairly short lived, now I just have a raised area and some dull pain not too bad.

Has to be a wasp to get me twice huh, but after dark? Seems strange. There are no stinging moths or anything are there?

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I have no clue! Maybe twin mosquitoes!? Not funny....

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Well I had the pleasure of being stung in the fore arm (though a long sleeve shirt) yesterday but a larger bee. Again no stinger? I thought you always had a visible stinger that broke off but maybe not. The welt looked the same.

This was mid-dusk as I attempted to get to the back of some corn. Probably was a bee or two originally that stayed out past their bedtime.

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You were more likely bit a some type of fly.

Wasp and bee stings do not go away quickly.

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I didn't see what got me twice in the dark but the welt looked the same at the third time (when I saw a large bodied bee on my sleeve). I was surpised I didn't see a stinger.

I didn't go away totally, I had pretty good inflamation and burning for 10 minutes, I applied some kind of anti itch stick thing and it got a lot better. But I could still feel it if I rubbed it later into the evening.

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