UKtransplant(Z5 MO USA)March 24, 2005

Hi everyone, as my nick suggests I am a relative newcomer to the midwest. As per my profile I was born in Scotland and raised in England so lawn problems here in the US are definitely a new thing for me.

Our immediate yard area that I hope to make into a lawn is approximately 90,000 sq ft. I have looked at some information that I received through the mail about a grass plug called Amazoy. Given the size of our yard obviously cost is going to be a large part of the equation.

To the meat of my question here:

(a) Is this stuff as good as they say and does anyone else have experience with this company?

(b) Does it fade to the light brown wheat colour as I have often seen during the late fall and winter months.

Thanks in advance

Steve the UKtransplant

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi Steve, welcome to the US, the Midwest, and the land of brown lawns! I am by no means a lawn expert, but I do know that in parts of the Midwest Zoysia grass is not the "wonder grass" that it is promoted to be.

Your best bet would be to contact the extension service office in your area and get their advice. Here's a link for you to find your local office.

Happy gardening,


Here is a link that might be useful: Extension Service

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Bob_Zn5(Z5 WI)

My neighbor has it & my family had it at one time. It does stay green thru the summer but browns very early in the fall & greens in very late Spring. It spreads from the "plugs" & does not mix with the rest of the lawn. Ideally, you'd like to mix this stuff with regular lawn mix & get the best of all worlds. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. This isn't the UK & I don't know anyone (except those who throw massive amounts of $ at it) who can grow an English (Scottish) quality lawn here. Even the professionally maintained golf courses have a tough time keeping the grass green in our hot dry summers. Best of luck & welcome to the US.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Hello Steve,
Welcome to the US. You'll find that the weather in the Midwest is much different from Scotland and native plants have developed toughness accordingly.

I have Zoysia for over 15 years now. It does turn tawny in winter. When I put it in my lawn, I didn't know anything about gardening, neither did I have any idea what kind of soil underneath the existing lawn was. The Zoysia gets very thick and lush in summer with little irrigation.

However, the lushness and thickness is not even throughout the expanse. In the areas where it is less dense, weeds and other kinds of grass have crept in. I suspect that those areas must be so clayey that nothing will grow well without soil amendment.

Another drawback is that the Zoysia root system is so dense that weeding is extremely difficult. I planted several hundred crocus in the lawn. Very few could come up through the root system.

If you are interested in native grass, buffalo grass may be of interest to you. I have read about it and seen pictures. It is supposedly draught tolerant and requires little care. It does turn tawny in winter. People planted bulbs on buffalo grass lawns and the bulbs appear to thrive there.

I have turned most of my lawn areas into gardening beds, though, so I don't have much grass to take care of. Whatever lawn I have left requires a lot more work than the remaining garden. If I had your expanse, I would put in as many garden beds as I can. :-D

Good luck with your decision. :-)

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UKtransplant(Z5 MO USA)

Hi folks,

Thanks for your responces.

Especially the one with garden beds. Now I have a question about garden beds. When you say garden beds do you mean flower beds/shrubs etc, as I know what my beloved a long time MO resident calls a garden is where we grow our veggies and the rest of it she calls a yard.

I did see in the coming to KC thread where there are lists of plants etc from MO Uni that do well in the KC area and I have downloaded them. (think its gonna take me a while to get through them all)

I will keep you posted and maybe even post one or two pictures for your suggestions and critiscisms.

As far as the grass is concerned I think I will just have to put up with a tawny lawn in the fall and winter as a sprinkler sytem for that size of area is completely out of the question unless I come up on the lottery.

Anyway thanks again.


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Hi Steve,

Garden beds for me are areas where I plant things other than lawn grass. When we bought the house, I initially planted annuals, graduated to perennials, then in recent years, I have added shrubs and trees. I cannot plant large trees due to limited space.

Here's my dream for your garden: With your huge area, I would put in several native trees (birches definitely) & shrubs that attract wildlife, and add perennials, evergrreens, ornamental grass and a vegetable garden. I would go for things that give interest year round. I have a very tiny garden but is has come a long way and is interesting, in my opinion, all 12 months.

I got my ideas from Adrian Bloom's "Year Round Garden". It is a beautiful book that gives details on how his garden has evolved from the time it was created nearly 30 years ago.

I do focus, though not exclusively, on native plants/shrubs/trees so that I don't have to pamper them.

Hope you have fun creating your garden. :-)

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

as anyone who has read other forums, they know i HATE BERMUDA GRASS!!i was told that zoyzia is only a upgraded bermuda. i have fought it for years. it invades flower beds, gardens, and its impossible to kill, or to have anything else survive where it takes over--and it will, in time. it--and the roach, could survive atomic bombs! other than that, welcome to the area. you might find the ozark forum interesting too.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Hey Steve...? Wondering if everything is ok on your end. I sent plants which you received on the 25th but I've not heard back from you and have not received the plant trade. Please let me know! Thanks, Andrea

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Welcome to KC!

Probably the two most popular grasses in KC are fescue and bluegrass. As others have suggested, the extension office in the area is great or you could try a local nursery (I use Grasspad for all of my yard issues and have had great success).


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I'd stay away from zoysia. It's brown for about 9 months out of the year, and while it's NOT bermudagrass, it is invasive, and if you plant it, your neighbors will also soon have it, and they may not be pleased with it.
I grew up with a zoysia lawn, and while they may have improved it significantly in the past 40 years, it's not very inviting. Prickly, if you care to walk barefoot, and not much fun for kids to roll/frolic in.
I'd strongly recommend some of the fine turf-type fescues - green most of the year, and certainly less management-intensive, and less prone to insect pests & fungal turf problems.

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

My hubby is in love with Zoysia, as are my kids. The patch we have started out about 4X4 in 1996 when we moved in, and has spread to cover about half our yard. It invaded the flower beds under the shrubs so badly that I had to give up in that area (the daylily and clematis that stayed seem to like it though). Any time any of our grass dies, off goes hub to the Grass Pad for zoysia sod.

I have found that it does stay tawny for a lot of the year. BUT when we are having a drought time, it stays green when the rest of the lawn looks awful. Ours is nice and thick and lush, almost padded, even though my hubby has dethatched it.

I'd have to disagree with LuckyP, my opinion only... our kids love it because they can fall on it and it doesn't hurt because it's so thick, I lOVE walking on it and it's cushy to lay on. Our seems pretty much impervious to weeds or bugs.

Our biggest patch of it has also not spread to the neighbor's yard, I don't know why but it only seems to spread east and north. I don't know whether this is because we're on a slope, but it's kind of weird.

I would say... it's a good grass for kids, but perhaps not for gardeners.


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Zoysia... RUN!

I had this in a hone I purchased in the north east. Once the fall hits, it got ugly, and stays that way until June. I had it sod cut out, and "Round up", and real grass planted, but I am now 5 years later having some spots resurface.


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