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labrea_gwMarch 2, 2013

The List of Amicus briefs grows to bring down DOMA & proposition 8
212 members of Congress signed on the other day. .
John Boehner & his crew BLAG have been spending funds in defense of DOMA claiming.
"Speaker of the House John BoehnerâÂÂs BLAG last week claimed that if the Supreme Court rules DOMA unconstitutional, it will have caused âÂÂa direct injury on the House.â BoehnerâÂÂs BLAG, the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, which has a Republican majority that is forcing the House to defend DOMA in the federal courts, is also claiming that the case before the Supreme Court justices has caused âÂÂa party aggrieved.âÂÂ

âÂÂThat party is, of course, the House.âÂÂ


Actually BLAG has only 5 members !

He's also not happy that the Executive Voiced it's opinion in the form of a brief by the President.

The CATO INSTITUTE signed on sighting pretty much all the same cases as most of the other Amicus briefs.
As I assumed they stared of with the 14th Amendment which is the right direction for anyone to go. They then take the route of the broad interpretation & buttress their assertions with a well rounded collection of cases & commentary from previous courts.

Also signing on with their briefs
American Medical Association
American Sociological Association
American Psychiatric Association
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists

National Association of Social Workers

California Teachers Association and the National Education Association

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

National Association of Social Workers

California Teachers Association and the National Education Association

Bunch of bleeding heart commies!

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Well 75 Rinos a few days ago! Of course it looks like you can only do it if your currently out of office!

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