monday 28 th !!!

Kerstin_Linnea(Z5, chicago)March 28, 2005

- Tell me what ya all are up to ?!

I am going out to peek at the peony and clem's, I got some seeds that has to be planted and I think I will clean the deck..

I am told it will be even better tomorrow, heck, I don't even mind the rain, as long as it is WARMER.

Tjoohoo it is growing!!


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I widened the flowerbed on the parkway two weeks ago, but the ground was too soggy, so I turned a few clumps of sod over. I knocked off the soil this evening, took a look at all the bulbs that are blooming, Many crocus and more dwarf Iris are blooming. I found a couple clumps of Eranthis. Yippee. They have self sown. Woohoo!
I also layered several branches of Red Twig Dogwood. Tried my hand on air layering 2 of them too. :-)

I still didn't get to cut off the ornamental grass yet. Much cleaning up to do still. But is was a beautiful evening. Great for lingering in the garden. :-)

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Nice to finally get a little spring. I went out and did a little light pruning and cutting down of sticks and skeletons. Twisted some wood. Stomped on heaved irises. Things are growing in the basement, and I'm hoping to bring a few flats out for a little fresh air tomorrow.

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joandaugh(Z5 Chicago)

I meant to cut mine down this weekend but I got sick instead :(

I have one huge clump of a big grass that the previous owner planted. I'd really like to divide it so it doesn't overtake where it is (too late, actually), plus it would look great next winter in a couple other spots. I'm afraid I'm not sure what it is; about 5' tall with small/moderate heads that seemed to come out pretty late last year. Is there an ideal time I should divide it, and is there a special trick I should know? I can try to make an ID if it will help--just too achy to get up and look through my books (woe is me).



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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

You'll need your husband's help to divide the grass. It sounds big. The root system will be huge. Now is a good time to divide. You'll need a heavy duty spade and big muscles. Cut off the top first and dig up the clump. Might need a saw to divide it.

I had to divide a huge clump of Siberian Iris. With my punny size, I had to dig around the clump then slice the root ball one section at a time. The grass will be tougher than Siberian Iris. It is hard work, but worth it. Good luck and get well soon. It's a bummer to get sick when the weather turns so nice. :-(

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joandaugh(Z5 Chicago)

If it doesn't mind being sawed, it can't be too delicate then--I guess I'm used to working with much smaller plants. I do have an older son who likes to do muscle work so I'll be sure to have him around when I tackle it (it's about as tall as me). Should I soak them before putting them back into the ground?

Thanks for the help.

P.S. It looks really gorgeous out today (Tuesday) and I'm sitting here at work umm, working. I'm sure being outside would make me feel better . . .

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Seems a bit early to be raking in my flower beds but I sure saw many people doing this today. I have many beds so lot's of work. I do love to garden but will soon be seeing all my free time gone and my finger nails dirty. As usual, I tell myself to bring in trucks of mulch. I wonder if I will actually do that some year! I wanted to plant lettuce seeds but never made it to the garden and rain is on the way.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I usually soak plants before putting them in the ground. I figured the root system will get a better dose of water than what it will likely get after planting.

Have fun.

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cherylk(Z5-Cent IL)

I took yesterday (29th) off to do some basic cleaning - cutting grasses, mums and leftovers as well as removing straw from my roses and (not so hardy) hydrangeas. Got 2 contractor bags full of seedy stuff that DH doesn't want in compost and 2 bags full of stuff for compost. SSSSSSOOOO much is coming up already - hard to believe for the end of March! My clematis, liles and hosta are all coming up, rock cress is in full bloom...Naked ladies are all easily 12" right now.

But, OH, how my body is screaming today.


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I don't have anything blooming yet, but the bulbs are really popping up. No leaves yet though. This weekend I'm going to do some Spring cleaning in my gardens. It may be a little on the chilly side, but as long as it's sunny, it'll be fine. Some of my perennials are coming back to life too. It's so good to see the plants growing again!


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tropicanarama(Chicago 5b)

The bulbs are coming up and both kinds of spring crocus have already started to bloom - along with one lone reticulated iris. The larger iris rhizomes are cranking out new growth too. I think I'll have daffodils and species in about a week or so, and tulips a week or two after that as well. The trees and shrubs are just barely beginning to bud (I think the roses are still dormant.) Not much in the way of perennials coming up, although my perennial herbs - like mint and chives - are getting started.

About half my winter-sown containers are starting to sprout. Penstemon, hollyhocks and dwarf Chinese delphinium seem to be the fastest (some of the others might not sprout at all, on account of having been knocked around in the wind.) Inside the house, I've got 289 seedlings under lights and I'll be starting another 50 or so today.

It *is* wonderful to see spring so soon (although I'm hoping this fantastic weather isn't killing my sweet pea seeds!)

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