Hosta Vulcan

LesinMD(7)July 28, 2014

I recently purchased a one-gallon specimen of "Vulcan", whose pure white centers were spectacular. It has done well in its first months, with 5-6 new leaves appearing from the center. However, the new leaves are NOT white in the center; they are a Chartreusse green, with the darker green outer edges.

Is this a normal growth pattern for Vulcan?

Will the new leaves turn pure white? If so, how long does this take?

Or has my plant reverted to a predecessor?

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No, this is normal growth for your plant and you should be highly grateful for it! This "greening" is allowing the plant to produce and store food for the Winter. Its what makes it such a strong grower for a "white centered" hosta that are notoriously poor growers otherwise. I think you will happy with this hosta, especially in the Spring when it will have increased in size for you. Have a great day. Gary

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Babka NorCal 9b

The new leaves (whether in Spring with the flush, or as with yours on the second flush of growth) on many hostas unfurl green, then take on their distinctive colors over time. For some it is just a week or so, and for others it takes a month. I just looked at my Vulcan and all the new growth is just as you described. Yes, they will turn white for you this year.

Edit: The green to white is called ALBESCENCE.

Enjoy your new Vulcan. It was that crisp white and dark green that made me get that one too. It is beaut!


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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Actually, I think Gary's talking about Albescence and I think he's right. When they are green, they are storing more energy than when white. If they didn't have that green stage, they would not be good growers.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Oooooops! Yes you are right. ALBESCENCE it is! Chemo brain here. Sorry, Gary.


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Babka - Don't worry about it.

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Thank all of you who responded to my query. I fell in love with the large white center of the leaves of this Hosta and wanted to be sure the new growth was normal (which I did suspect). I'm not new to Hosta culture, although until I became Chair of our Condo Landscaping Committee I did not have the opportunity to explore varieties beyond the common ones planted by past and present residents. But as I've learned quickly, there are so many MORE wonderful sizes, colors, shapes, growth structure (I've recently also purchased "Praying Hands" - a novel growth habit).

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