Is Venus always this slow?

bkay2000(8a TX)July 22, 2013

I thought Venus died, but this sure appears to be it. The short story is that it fried in the mail truck, as it was delivered at about 6:00 on one of those 100 degree days. I stuck a temperature probe in the rootball and it was 126 F. It wasn't all that great when I received it. Everything kind of went downhill from there. Shouldn't it have adult leaves by now? Is it time for the driveway treatment?




It's putting up scapes, though...

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BK, my first Venus (2012 acquired) got a virus of some sort, and I returned it.

Now I have a second Venus, purchased and delivered this spring, and here it is. I forget if it has a short scape beginning or not, but I think it does. I'm not planning to move it into any hot afternoon sunshine though. I'll be happy if it just keeps on chugging along, and lets Aphrodite show off this year.

While yours may look small it is probably well adjusted to your climate by now. I would guess next year it will be ready to LEAP. How long mine takes, I will be waiting when it does. :)

(BTW, my second So Sweet was ordered because I know how fond of it you are, and I wanted to give it a good chance to show off.)

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I think I'll take a chance and spread out some of my hosta. Cleo hasn't been interested in anything outside since it got hot. I miss seeing the nice round shapes they make. Also, it wouldn't hurt to improve the circulation around them.

So Sweet does a great job of staying nice and round. SS #2 is blooming and SS#1 is sending up scapes. They both came from the same source, though.

You have nice, big leaves on your Venus. Since my plant is so small, I wonder if it will actually bloom. I just noticed that it's starting another scape.

Aphrodite is sending up a scape. I sure hope it opens. If it doesn't open this year, I'm re-homing it. There's bound to be someone who wants to try their hand and climate with Aphrodite.


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jadie88(7 MD)

It does kind of look like the main eye got cooked and set it back to that juvenile look...I am expecting a shipment this week, so I am also worried about hosta flambé! I kept putting "fall orders" together, but couldn't wait. Silly me!

Since it is still filling out year after year, next spring will probably be a leap...

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Bkay, it looks like your 'Venus' is starting to go places, finally. I think Mocc and Jadie are probably spot-on, and I'd bet you'll get a leap next spring.

Jadie, I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised by the condition of your Hallson Gardens order when you open it, if that's the shipment you're waiting for. Just get 'em in a root-soak ASAP after opening! Seems like it's HOT everywhere now. Whew!!

Don B.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Ah, Don, I wish it were Hallson's I'm waiting on! :) I received my order from Chris a few weeks ago in pristine condition, and they are marching right along. The order I'm expecting tomorrow is from the sale at Gilbert H. Wild, which has a mixed reputation for hosta. I'll post some photos when they arrive (for better or worse!)

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Good luck with your Aphrodite this year, BK. Mine did not open last year either, which is why I got about 3 more of them....I think 3 (?) and now I wait to see which might open their blooms. The first one here has a big bud on its very thick scape, and I'm hoping it performs as anticipated.

Cannot get anything done in the garden today, it's rained all day, and now it is beginning another thunder storm with lightning in the mix. Gee, I hope DH doesn't get struck by lightning, he insists on doing the steaks on the grill, under an umbrella, plus we gonna have some DElicious Silver Queen corn. Good enough to eat raw. :)

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