Starting from scratch - need help with plant ideas

Emily626March 30, 2011


DH and I built a new home about a year ago, and when our home was completed we got the "builder's package" landscaping. As you can imagine, the soil was not well prepared and the plants we had did not do well and some ended up dying. We live in an Indianapolis suburb and have very hard clay soil.

We have ripped everything out and we are starting from scratch. This weekend (if the weather cooperates) I am going to till the beds and add in compost and topsoil. Next weekend I am going to build up the beds with extra topsoil, the following weekend line the beds with cobbles, and then around the end of April I am going to start planting.

The problem is I have no idea what to plant. I do not have much of a "green thumb" and I am pretty new to landscaping and gardening in general. I am not looking for an elaborate garden, but I would like to have nice curb appeal.

The majority of the flower beds get morning sun and afternoon shade, and part of the beds rarely (if ever) get any sun.

I would like to have variations in color and height.

If you have any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it!

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Consider some edible landscaping. It's nice to have a nice looking yard, and a good tasting one. LOL. Maybe some Gooseberry, strawberry, or Juneberry bush. Mint, and herbs. Just some thoughts.

FYI you are in Zone5.

Always an...Angel

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I am gardening in the Midwest as well. Not everything sold to me has been successful, others have flourished. All my experiences are on
Stay away from anything that likes too much water, (expensive) and anything that requires acid soil e.g rhododendrons, azaleas.(too much hassle) Try to attract wildlife, butterflies etc. and fence up or the bunnies will eat your plants and thus your wallet.

Here is a link that might be useful: yardspace

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Check out some "preplanned" gardens for ideas. Better Homes and Gardens web page has a ton of them for downloading. Bluestone Perennials also has some good ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardening plans

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