GW Fall Swap??

selkie_b(z4 MN)August 27, 2009

Just that!


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I was wondering the same thing, Marie? I can't remember who said they'd host the fall swap....


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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I think Sandy aka sandysgardens was offering to host this fall- I will shoot her an e-mail to check-


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lynnsherbs(4 Minnesota)

any news? I've missed you folks and have LOTS to trade!


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????? . . .

I've also been wondering. My fall weekends are really filling up, and I would like to know when the swap is, so that I can squeeze into my schedule . .

- Adam

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There's always the Plymouth swap if no one else can host...

Here is a link that might be useful: ** plymouth plant swap **

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I'd be willing to have the swap at my place in Prior Lake if no one else can do it. If so, I'll suggest a few possible dates. Let me know. Thanks.

- Adam

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How does a swap typically work?

Mac/Groveland neighborhood in St. Paul was talking about getting one together in their neighborhood newsletter, but I don't really understand how it works. Do you dig up the plants you want rid of and just bring them and hope someone else wants them? Do they come over to your house and get what they want? What if you don't have much to trade?

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Hey there Adam!

Looks like you will be the host this fall for our GW MN Forum Fall Plant Swap! I am really looking forward to seeing your place too! Sorry we did not get together for shovel tours this year- there is still time though.....

Sandy has a new job and is working on-call most weekends. There is no way for her to plan her weekends till November.

Please let us know what dates work for you- and remember to post in the exchanges part of the forum. Please let me know if you need any help with anything!

Fidgie girl-
Swaps work in many different ways- at the Plymouth Swap you park your car and unload it just behind the car and walk around and pick up what you want from what others have unloaded. Quite a frenzy.
At 'The Great Perennial Garden Trading Party' (see post in Exchanges area- it is on Saturday!!)- You bring your divided plants from your garden- place them around the hosts yard by the sign (daisy, mum, sedum, astilbe) staked out in general groups- Sun shade berries hosta daylilies ect... Then the originator of the swap calls rounds. You can see the details further in the listing- but it is a very organized swap for a HUGE group of people (and plants).
Our own swap has adopted a different approach. As we gather together with our plants and food goodies and generally mingle- pre-arranged swaps take place. Those are the swaps folks have contacted each other about prior to the swap usually be e-mail. You will unload your plants in a small group around the yard. Then every one gets a minute or two to tell about what they have brought to share with others. After all have had a chance to "show and tell" we call rounds. Round one- 1 plant- Round 2, 2 plants but not the same type- and then rounds are 3 plants not the same type till interest wanes and then it ends with take what ever you want- till all are gone. If your offerings are not taken- you must bring your offerings back home with you. We will then gather and eat and talk till it's time to go home.
There are "shovel tours" as well- when 2 or more folks get together and walk through each others gardens, shovel in hand and say Oh- can I have a bit of this- and want some of that? and the plant is divided usually then and there to share.
I think we all understand that in gardening- we were all new once- and had little to offer to share. After participating in a few swaps- you will have much more to share in very short order!
Hope you can make it to a swap or 2 soon!


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I'd love to come again this year if the dates work out!


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