master gardener sponsored plant swap!

leaveswave(.)August 19, 2007

We have our a fall meeting in Plymouth every year and also host a plant swap. Here are the details for this year:

Monday, 09/10

5:00 pm

Plymouth Creek Ctr, 14800 34th Av N

Also, take the opportunity to tour the Millenium Garden behind the building.

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Sorry, but I am still new to this. Can you tell a little bit about plannt swaps and what you should bring to this? I mean... besides the obvious. How many do people typically bring? What is good to bring? It will be my first plant swap, but I am definately interested in contributing.
Thank you!

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Hi there and THANKS Leaves!
GB- This swap is a bit different than any other I have gone to. People bring almost anything garden/plant related- pots- books- trellis- tools- fishpond fish(!)- Mini Blinds- Bulbs- tubers- fruit and produce- and of course- many potted and labeled plants.
You drive in- park your vehicle- unload what you are offering behind your vehicle- and walk around and help yourself to what ever anyone else is offering- load up your own unwanted/unclaimed offerings- and go home. Fini.
It is a swap- so bringing something to swap is the idea- but you are not limited to/by any amount that I know of. I have routinely seen truck loads- to a flat or two in the trunk.
It is a good idea to bring a sharpie and paper to help in IDing the plants that show up with out labels- there always seem to be a few.... Most folks bring what they need to or are able to thin- or what they have enough of - or too much of- or just plain want to get rid of that someone else may want. Native to exotic- common to rare- indoor to outdoor- it all goes at this swap (and most others as well).
It is always a good idea to pot up plants at least a week or two in advance to bring to any swaps. That way you are helping to insure someone will be getting a healthier happy established plant- which is much better than something dug up in a rush that may be DOA- very embarrassing for the bringer- and very sad for the receiver.
Maybe I will see you there!

Julie (usually in the husband's white van)

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Thanks Julie! I appreciate the tips! I will start putting plants into pots very soon!
Thanks again.

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Just a quick FYI:

Some folks might be arriving as early as 4:30. The city forester is telling his network the swap is 4:30-6:30. The MG newsletter that just came out lists 5:00-6:30.

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