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lannegreenelagMarch 27, 2006

I am outside of Kansas City, heavy soil with clay increasing 24-48" down. Our city is offering low cost Freemani maples. Does anyone have experience with these? I am especially interested in their rooting habit and growth rate.

My second question is about planting a hedge in front of the house. I hope to plant a row near the street to enclose the front yard and get some privacy. I would like to use our naive juniper but am concerned about their growth rate. How fast have they grown for you? Has anyone planted shrubs or trees near the street (plan an approximatly 6' wide bed between the street and yard)? I was thinking dogwood, lilac and forsythia. I thought I might use the popular Thuja Green Giant if the junipers grow very slowly. I want the hedge to vary in height from 4-8'. Any opinions or adive are welcome as I am new to gardening.

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People seem to have strong opinions on the freemani maples...either love it or hate it. We sell a lot of them at the nursery. It will grow fast, should tolerate your clay soil and has decent reddish fall color. I have no experience with them, but in the long term the roots will probably be an issue.

A couple of issues regarding the planting near the street, especially if they are very close to it. Salt tolerance, if they salt in KC when it snows. Second is heat. The reflected heat from the road can be hard on some plants.

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