Guacamole or Stained Glass?

don_in_coloradoJuly 8, 2014

Do you have a preference? To me, Guacamole edges Stained Glass. Reason is simple for me: color of center. At least for me, Guacamole has been far more vigorous.

Or, do you prefer another member of the family? I already forsee some smarty-pants choosing 'Holy Mole', or 'Cathedral Windows' anyway! Doesn't matter, if you prefer some other fragrant to the two choices in the title, tell us what it is.

What say ye? Pictures are always welcome, of course.

Don B.


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...and the also-lovely Stained Glass...

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I would say Guacamole. It looks just like mine.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

were you following me in my yard? I just took pics of both..

Stained Glass in dappled sun...

Guacamole hiding in the shade...

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Silly question........Stained glass

I find Guacamole kinda boring. The only reason I still have it is cuz it grows like a weed and is so entwined with my Tri-Color Beech that Im afraid to start digging it out that I might hurt my tree

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Guacamole is easy to overlook early in the season until it colors up. Stained Glass always starts so slow in my garden, but when it hits its yellows with the heat it is very nice. Cathedral Windows I think is going to impress as more grow it to maturity. Holy Mole is another that is slow to be appreciated each year and then all of the sudden it is noticeable.

So my choice is........


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Thistle and Maize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

I'm not a huge fan of either, but the glossiness of guacamole is nice and it's growing quickly in my yard. This was just planted a month or two ago.

(Ignore that sad two-leaf-one-stem gold standard to the left. I stepped on it while mulching and snapped one of its leaves off. Whoops. It was small to begin with. I'm sure it'll grow up pretty but it's looking pathetic right now. This is a new bed.)

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LOL actually a very great answer, Paul!

Don B.

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If I had to choose between Guacamole and Stained Glass, I'd choose Stained Glass. But really I'm a sucker for all of them.

Here is Emerald Charger:



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I hear ya there, Vanessa. Emerald Charger, me want.

Don B.

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hostatakeover swMO(6a)

Guacamole seems to be the duller version of the two, although still looks great when surrounded by darker colors.

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hostatakeover swMO(6a)

Stained Glass colors just seem to pop more.

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bchosta 8b west coast canada


I have 5 Guacamole plants (all divisions from the original plant), that have grown really well for me. I really appreciate the subdued variation on the green theme, and as others have pointed out, this plant just gets better as the season progresses - the gloss intensifies and the variegation becomes more pronounced. For the past few years it has certainly been one of my most trustworthy and favourite plants - unfortunately, some deer took a shine to it last year as well!

HereâÂÂs a pic of one taken the other day.

That said, IâÂÂm really starting to take more note of Avocado and Holy Mole. The former IâÂÂve had several years, and has not grown as quickly as its parent. The latter was picked up for a bargain price ($6) last season.


Holy Moleâ¦

As for Stained Glass⦠itâÂÂs another that IâÂÂve had for a while. It doesnâÂÂt grow as quickly, or as large for me, but it colours up very nicely in the fall. Last year most of its leaves were eaten by deer, but it still tried to make a comeback late in the year. Following the setback, I donâÂÂt know what to expect this year. Time will tell. HereâÂÂs a recent snap.

Then thereâÂÂs Cathedral Windows⦠newly purchased last year and making a great impression already!

Also, IâÂÂd better not forget the forerunner of them all - Fragrant Bouquet. Like its relatives, this one appeals more and more as the fall approaches.

Well for me thatâÂÂs the family album complete.
And as for your original question⦠itâÂÂs neck and neck, but Guacamole still has his nose ahead... for now⦠but that, like everything else, may change as time moves on!


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Emerald Charger, one more for my most wanted list.

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Ah well, this is the time of year when the fragrants are beginning to SHINE. And, Don, speak softly when you mention certain "smarty pants" who might like Holy Mole and Emerald Charger and Jade Stone.

Which is of course MOI....among other hosta I like em.
Guacamole is a highly creative sporting hosta. I have most of its sports with few exceptions because it is a great growing hosta for warmer locations. How I missed getting Heart of Hearts (Invincible x Guacamole) I haven't any idea, but I plan to correct that deficiency. I have Avocado, Fried Bananas, Fried Green Tomatos, Holy Mole, Hot Green Chilies, Jade Stone, Mariachi, Paradise Sunshine, Quesadilla, AND Stained Glass. They are all great. Except, I do have trouble growing Stained Glass. I much prefer Mariachi to SG. I also love Jade Stone, which has stout scapes which stand up better than Fried Bananas does. But don't get me wrong. FBananas was my first gold green love.

Mariachi in May

Jade Stone with Paradise Sunshine behind it on the 7th July

Then later this year another favorite with blooms the same 6 inches long that Mama plantaginea makes, look for them on Doubled Up. One of Mama's sports. Which her sports are not all that common, you know. Hard to find some of them. I have Doubled Up, Aphrodite, Ming Treasure. I'd give anything to have more of her sports. I have a lot of her hybrids as both pod parent and pollen parent. Old Faithful (Olga's fragrant hosta) is so vigorous. I recommend it on both's an Olga, and it's a fragrant from Mama as pod parent.

Doubled Up will bloom later in the year, with Mama and the other of that line. The Guacamole crowd (except Stained Glass) are blooming now, the leading edge of fragrance in the hosta garden. Is this typical? Who knows. I am learning as I go and keeping notes on families of hosta blooming together. Maybe not the same time as other latitudes, which is what I had originally expected. But when it isn't just ONE variety blooming earlier than expected, but the whole family dynasty, then I take notice. And that is happening with Guacamole and its sports.

Doubled Up July 7 2014

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Thanks Mocc, I was hoping you'd post some pics, and you didn't disappoint. Actually, no one disappointed, there's a whole trove of great pics on this thread. I love the 'Smarty Pants' folks who frequent this forum : )

Again thank you, I didn't even know about Heart of Hearts.

Now I myself will act like a smarty pants...My Cathedral Windows...

Don B.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Sorry, haven't got pictures, but want to say that if I had the room, I'd take any of the hosta pictured above--but I am partial to Cathedral Windows, the only one I have. Spent a lot of time studying hosta since I only had room for one more--and Cathedral Windows won out over the others.

But they are all so lovely!


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Good for you, Kate, you have choices to make and you chose a fine grower.

When it comes to fragrant flowering hosta, I get all excited and start pulling out photos and making links to other hosta that are related, and it can get confusing. I'm really trying to keep it simple stupid....KISS is always a good motto for me.

I did not mention the sports of Stained Glass but I have all of them. Amber Glass, Emerald Charger, Cathedral Windows, and Tortilla Chip which is a yellow no margin.

I agree that Emerald Charger is a sweet plant. It has a flip of the leaf that gives it an Elvis pompadour look, I've had mine from the Solbergs since 2012. It grows into a dense mound.

See how dense it started this year?

Amber Glass is really a yellow gold leaf. It is not given much camera time since I have it in the lineup of yellows getting the most sun, and I often overlook it.

Cathedral Windows on June 29, sending up those scapes

Tortilla Chip came from Van Wade, and it is not in the hot sun in the summertime. I'll have to correct that slowly. I think it will do better with just as much water but more sun. I do not think slugs can take the heat.

and that's all of the sports or progeny listed for Stained Glass. I'm thinking there might be a couple more to emerge sooner or later though.

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The Shining is a bright sport from Cathedral Windows. It's had a lot of damage done to it (animals stomping it, hail) but is starting to come along with a new flush of leaves. Not in much direct sunlight. Mocc, how is yours doing? Anyone else have this one?

Don B.

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Don, The Shining looks okay, but that funky scape that was wallowing in the potting mix never broke free of the leaf cover. I never saw one that short blooming such a huge flower!

Here is the latest photo of it. That's it with the solar light stuck in the pot. All these get pretty intense sun from about 2 pm onward, and I water this area every day to cool it down. All the wild birds come for a bath or hang out in the leaf canopy of the peach tree and the sasanqua/camellia.

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