Need creative ideas for using my beautiful rusty bedsprings

crocosmia_mn(z4)August 1, 2005

I posted this on Garden Junk, but I'm wondering what my fellow Minnesotans come up with.

I like this bedsprings so much just the way it is that I've been postponing making it into something.

It bends quite easily: when I first saw it, it was rolled into a column.

I'd want to use it whole or almost whole rather than cutting it up to create smaller things. It is possible to remove individual springs.

I can bend rebar and my husband can make anything --- and he would definitely help make this into something because he's a little tired of seeing it just propped up in different places around the garden! He wants it to look more clearly like art or a garden structure and less like old bedsprings!

Your ideas are very welcome!

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meeperx(z4/5 Mpls)

A beer can roaster for 170 Chickens. :)

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

A trellis... or better yet, how about a window covering for a large 'window' in the site of a pergola or something of that sort?

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Very cool; wish I could find some like that. I think as a trellis with vines growing up would look fabulous!

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I keep thinking about this. In fact it won't get out of my head! LOL...
This one just came to me. If it's bendy as you say, what about: It's vertical, resting on the long side, but it's winding like a wave of thru some wooden poles (like the path that a slalom course would take. Maybe these poles could look rustic( trees maybe. So- bottom line-you'd have like a rusty frito hung up in some trees.
could it be the "roof" of a little pergola, maybe let some ribbons hang down from "the roof". maybe some wire whatever-you-could-find stuff that could perch on the roof (a flying pig, a huge cup and saucer so it looks like a giant was using it for a coffee table. hahahahaha (I love to amuse myself-bye-gotta-go-now. I may live to regret that I posted this, cause now you can all see what a fruity place my brain is)
Please note that I restrained myself and never even mentioned the giant serpent winding itself thru the thing from front to back, up and down.......:D

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Or using suzinnia's idea for the roof of a pergola, how about delicate little windchimes hanging down?

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I think it would make an unusual trellis, but if it were mine, I'd plant something very delicate and dainty so as to not obliterate those lovely, hypnotic springs.

Lovely hypnotic springs... lovely hypnotic springs...

I think I've been looking too long.


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lovely hypnotic springs......lovely hyp.......
OH! Hi again!
I just got inspired by jel48's window for a pergola idea.
I'm remembering something saw on a garden tour. It was such an attractive bacground fence and I liked the concept. there was a lattice fence surrounding this yard. The fence was comprised of numerous sections. the thing that was cool tho was that each section had its own fairly substantial "frame" - the top piece (picture a giant sized wooden staple getting ready to be pushed into the ground) was the same thickness as the posts. Heres the cool part. Instead of each section being attached, they were suspended by huge eyes (as in hook and eyes..) there wasnt a lot of wiggle room between the lattice and the frame, just enough space to be quite pleasing to the eye. If you did that, then the giant serpent could......lovely hypnotic...

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My latest thought, partly inspired by Suzinnia, is to cut the bedsprings into two squares and hang them in a diamond shape within a frame, perhaps decorated with a few suspended rusty bicycle gears or perhaps not. I do want to keep the hypnotic look!

Thank you for all the enthusiastic ideas! Any more, anybody?

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ooooh the idea of incorporating rusty gears and such in an artistic manner is delicious! You know, you see so many primitive tools at antique shops and out in a wierd box in someones garage at an estate sale....You know like those beautiful pulleys and so on. ooo0h! Maybe older antiquey cool garden tools- those old wierd weed diggers and trowels with cool handles. Then when the giant serpent comes to wind in and out....he could pick up a tool or two and help with the weeding. (just a thought) teehee, this is fun.

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This afternoon, my next-door neighbor found a bedsprings exactly like MINE in the alley behind our houses, except hers was cut into three pieces!

So while we're thinking of what to do with ALL of it, we've hung them on her garage where we can admire them while everybody hangs miscellaneous little things on them. It faces our backyards ( we removed the fence between our yards 18 years ago and sort of garden together), so we have a good view.

The only problem with our junk art gallery is that it also faces the basketball court....

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