WANTED: Vinca minor

lise_bApril 7, 2006

Would anybody near the Boston area be willing to let me come over and dig up a few V. minor plants? Or maybe bring some to the June plant swap? Or be willing to mail me a few? I can trade for any of the stuff on my trade list, or I'll pay postage.

The plain old species will do fine. It's going in a strip of soil that's surrounded by tens of feet of concrete paving-- not the slightest escape hazard.

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sheeshrn(MA z5)

I have vinca in my front, the whole area is very over grown, but I saw a few blooms out there this week. I plan on going to the June 3 swap in Biierica. If you are interested, I should be able to bring you some.
Let me know,

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That would be great! You don't even need to pot them up, I think-- if you just go out on the morning of the swap and dig up some plants with soil around the roots, you can put them in a plastic grocery bag and give them a watering and they should be fine until I can get them home.

Thanks so much! :)

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Hi Sheeshrn,
I am searching for Vinca Minor as well. If you have a thick mat of it I would much appreciate swapping something with you.
I have some veronica waterperry blue (speedwell)... white siberian iris... violets ...I garden in Maine.

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Greeining, will have some vinca for you at the swap, probably all potted up.
Viewscaper, can have some for you too at the swap, are you thinking of coming?


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The more the better, Fran, thanks! My ultimate goal to cover the space looks like ~50 plants, and I will take cuttings from whatever I get at the swap to get up to that number. Thanks again!

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Greening,will have them ready and put aside for you, will get as many as I can for you. Don't forget all my seedlings that will need good homes. Far more than last year, now have close to 500 containers out there and more going out on Friday.


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Will have at least 15 vinca minor for you at the swap. Someone coming will no doupt have more for you too.


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