suuculents and such for indoors..

Kerstin_Linnea(Z5, chicago)March 7, 2005

Hello all,

I am curious to hear from anybody that is currently growing following:

Epiphyllum anguliger,

epiphyllym vista sun,

epiphyllum oxypetalum,

aporophyllumm edna belany,

Rhipsalidopsis rosea,

aloinopsis schoonesii, and finally a passiflora 'coral glow'

I'd want to know growthrate and how they do with our crabby winters,

I am trying to fill the void with blooming+fragrance over the moths nov-feb.

I am about to buy 2'5 pots and am wondering if I even have a fighting chance.. ( i'm a novice)

Is it true that passifloras will not bloom without 6 hrs sun?

I read the coral glow supposedly 'prefers' to bloom in winter...?

all advice greatly appreciated.!


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KLK, I've several epi's, rhipsalidopsis, and they grow w/o any problems. It's true passionvine need light, but if you can summer it outdoors, there's no reason it shouldn't bloom..I don't know what coral glow u have another name/botanical name? Do u mean Kalanchoe? If this is the plant yes, it blooms late fall/winter. W/over 400 houseplants, and living in a Chicago burb, I grow all types of tropicals including citrus which flower/fruit.
good luck, Toni

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Kerstin_Linnea(Z5, chicago)

heya T!
Good to see you again, I was hoping to hear from you,
I remeber you well from last year when you helped me out with my light/radiator sit.
I don't know if you remember and it does not matter, just don't get confused when I talk in familliar ways. LOL

(Albany prk, rented, awful windows, no proper daylight in kitchen, radiator running along the lenght of the only good window)
I am not suprised about the passiflora, I think I heard this before, the name is simply p.'coral glow' it has a picture posted at Logee's, look under the 'winterblooming' section.
I am sorely tempted but your word shall determine wether I Purchase or not. (it looks like a passi,and the blooming description snagged me)

I am a little further down the indoor gardener road and feel now that I want to reinvent my collection.

My passi I was so excited about last year was really a learning exp.
It got too potbound and dropped close to 50 buds,
-when on the deck, I fast realized that full sun means bug infestation but it loved my wooden railing under the tree.
when fall came it created chaos in the window, dropping dried leaves allover almost falling back in to bad company
(bugs/spiderwebbey). I finally lost my patience, cut it down and threw out on my unheated staircase.

Well, wouldn't you know, It is doing terrific and is coming back inside nxt week. However, she's a monster and I wish I Lived in a mild climate enough to just plunk her outside...
Besides, she does not bloom unless high summer.
That's why I am holding out for the coral glow.. I still really like this kind of flower.
But then again, I could just as well hold off with the experince until we live somewhere else or have own our house..

I will buy the Hoya Lacunosa and am wondering if you are growing them too?
Could I put two of them together in a small hanging pot, I figure they'll have plenty of time filling out this summer??
everybody seems to be talking about how frail they are...

I have a epiphyllum rhipsalis and I like it well enough but will replace her, I want something with a bit more bang in it. Rhip angilugier is my choice and I am very curious about it.

The rhipsaliopsis rosea looks very cute, indeed. good, something for spring too.

Can you tell me how these grow and usually bloom for you? How old are the individual plants and how did they come about? sizes etc,.
Which should I NOT plant two and two?
Now, I am well aware of that fantastic row of windows of yours, I couln't imagine that my plants would do as well but I am very intrested anyways.

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Hi Kirstin..I remember your name, but can't recall which forum we spoke on or what we discussed..guess it was a heating problem; did you get it resolved?
Ok, now I understand..when u said corel glow, I didn't know it was in the Passionvine family..You know how common names name, on many types of plants, is used to describe 2-3 plants.
I checked out Logee's and both plants are gorgeous.
Did you know you're supposed to prune passionvine the end of Jan..Flowers grow on new wood. So, you can cut your monster back, and then make cuttings w/the stems..I've rooted in water before, but that choice is yours to make. Some ppl use soil.
I've about 8 hoya's and they're all pretty much grown the same..bright light to full sun..They're a bit succulent, so the soil shouldn't stay sopping wet. If you note the thick leaves that gives away what is and isn't succulent.
When your passionvine got buggy, were they plant bugs or outside bugs?'m terrified of spiders, don't care if they eat houseplant bugs or
My epi Rhaps is very it 1 or 2 yrs ago and only about 4" when shipped here. One thing, when they're mature they're gorgeous, and send out beautiful flowers.
When u ask about planting 2+2, are u talking about making dish gardens and adding several plants? I finally broke down and did this. In fact, I've about 5 different varieties of hoyas in the same clay, shallow but wide pot bought at FRank's before they closed..Stocked up on these pots, doiing the same w/Calathea/Stromanth, and Rhoeo (Moses in the Cradle) Or maybe I misunderstood your question..
Did you ever make it to Gethsemene Gardens in Chicago? I bought an 'alledged' passionvine for 15.00. Kept in a pot for 2 yrs and it bloomed..I was sooo happy..then I broke down and planted in the yard..sure enough, it 'wasn't hardy' by no means. I found a nice spot for it next to the fence, hoping it grow along the wood..well, the next spring it didn't come up, nor summer, so I instead planted a Climatis. LOL.
Anyway, hope things are going good for you..Have u any new plants since we last talked? Toni

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Kerstin_Linnea(Z5, chicago)

-good, good,
-you checked 'BOTH' plants on logee's called coral glow?
I am only aware of the passi called coral glow....?
I think I'll pass on it this time, I got confirmed that they won't bloom without extreme access to daylight, which I do not have,
I am compensating with stocking up on the cactuses and hoyas.
I cut down the passi already, I did that in dec I think, the bugs I am talking about are the whitish ones with strings of white fluff, I can never remember the name, hibiscus is also easily affected by the same.. white fly?
Anyways she is on her way to take off again ,the passi.

I meant with 2+2 in actauality 1+1 , sorry..

I have read so many horrorstories about how easy it is to kill off hoyas in winter..
I wanted to put two together so that the pot has a chance to fill up faster before winter.
Not that I have killed any hoyas yet (one of few) we had the large growing hoya bella back home and it covered a wall about 20 ft long and 22ft high...
I have the same over here and I barely remmeber it's existence in winter..
Maybe I got the training already?
All I worry about is if these more exotic kinds are more frail..
hmm. I can't say I am looking forward to a bunch of tiny pots.. I would so totally pay a larger sum for a estblished plant..

However, In regards of gethsemane, They are starting to tick me off on a grand scale, to a point that I am blacklisting them..
too bad because they always have had my highest regard.
WHY? Because I go in there with the intention on spending my hardearned money on a plant I very much want and they not only stow upon me a common salesclerk that has no idea but insists on that she DOES.
I spent almost 50$ on the rhipsalis when I was supposed to get the damn e. anguliger!
worse yet, just to add insult to injury, they refuse to let me exchange the plant.
I rememeber well humbling myself walking in there,
second guessing what ever scraps of knowledge I posses, all for the almighty nurseryman who turn out not to be a n nurseryman at all but just a hack hired on minimum pay.

Actually, I consider my self being quite a reasonable person but I do turn in to a roaring tiger on occasions like these.
oh, did I mentionn that the rhipsalis incident was the last of 3, all in the same manner. Like buying a jap. maple just to find out that what's blooming is crabapple. Borderline fraud I think.
Right now my favorite is paradise garden and I am waiting for my 1st large clem order from chalk hill.
I am done with ghetsemane.
arrgh! I am still upset about this as you can tell.

New houseplants, since we talked last? hmm yes I But I have actually concentrated on giving up some..
My most notable new is a varigated philodendron, called 'Brazil'

Most beautiful, its in different green shades so no white in other words, the little cases were the growing tip is creamyellowred and the whole plant it crazy nice in sunlight.
I finally succeded with rooting a scented geranium from momin law, I have tried for a couple of years- and failed miserably, until now.
I got a norfolk island pine that is doing well in the stircase, well that's all, Last year I was so busy to set up the perennial beds that little energy was left for the houseplants.
You helped me with my f benjamina and when I did do exactly what you said..
-Not a single leaf lost.!!
I am not kidding, I have not found one wilted leaf!

Have you tried soilmoist?
on hoyas?
ahh yes, do know a nursery selling plants in say, quarts or such sizes?
Well it is bed time for me now,
talk more later T.

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Kerstin_Linnea(Z5, chicago)

hi there, I have just spent an hour gushing out my frustrations over getshemane garden in a new thread.
I got up this morning spending a couple of hours browsing for larger specimens of the already mentioned, I have no luck and reminded by my most recent posting to you I figure I call gg again and see if special order would make a difference..
I got all tangled up in a slightly surreal conversation with the girl , all I suspected got confirmed and I am definetly scratching them off my list.

They seem to care little for the customer and I most certainly won't support a buissnes as such.
For the record, the plant I originally wanted but recieved the rhipsalis for was e. oxypetalum, not the anguliger as I previously stated.
I just need to correct that as I am making a claim and need it to be done properly, sorry about the mixup.

I am giving up and will order all my plants from logees as was my original plan, they seem to have a very good reputation, as ghetsemane does...
ahh the loss of innocence.
take care and I keep ya posted on my purchases.

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