Japanese Red Maple

joelle55113(4)August 7, 2005

Does anyone know of a Japanese red maple that would withstand the winters in Minnesota? I would just love one in my garden but they are pricey and don't usually survive our cold. Thank you. Joelle

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firethorn(Zone 4 MN)

I don't know if they have special protections for it, but the arboretum grows a type called acer palmatum. I suppose you could call them and ask? It's very pretty.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Notice that one is growing in a pot. Over the winter they bring it into a barn or somewhere protected. But ther are some. Greenthumb(Mike) has a cultivar that seems to stand up quite well. Can't remember what it is though.

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Greenthumb(Zone 5a, MN)

My Acer palmatum Robinson's Red has done very well in my garden. The tree has seen -25°F without damage and the tree is in one of THE most exposed spots in my yard. I protect the tree with a cylinder of 4' tall chicken wire covered with burlap, and that's it. I do not put anything inside the chicken wire enclosure. The root zone is well mulched.

Robinson's Red is a seed-grown selection from a tree growing in Ohio, at Girard's Nursery, and since the tree is seed-grown I am not putting the name in single quotes. Girard's is the only source I know for the tree. Girard's did not list the tree for sale this year.

I have provided a link to Girard's web site, below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Girard Nurseries

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laurampls(4 MN)

I have an Emporer I that I planted last fall and it made it through the dreadful winter with virtually no snow cover (Mpls). It is planted close to the house in a sheltered nook on the south side, shaded some of the day in winter. I put about 15" of shredded oak leaves around it but did not protect the upper branches (it was about 24" tall when I planted it. It looks terrific and has grown a lot this summer.

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I have a Burgandy Lace Japanese Maple for sale. It has withstood Maryland winters for 18 years. It is in excellent condition. It stands 9 foot tall with a 9 foot span. If interested contact me.

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I keep hoping that global warming will change us from a zone 4 to a zone 5 so I can put in some Japanese Maples.

I've tried a few other zone 5 plants in the yard in the past 10 years and they are all doing well with no steps taken to protect them from the cold.

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I have had an Emperor I since May '03 and it is now 7 feet tall. It does not die back at all, grows fast and is vigorous, but I did have to cover it twice in May '05 to protect the new leaves from frost. I would say that it is happy in the Twin Cities, not marginal at all.

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I think a protected spot anywhere within the Twin Cities is worth trying a Japanese maple. I know of ine growing well in Prospect Park and on in Bryn Mawr. I've heard 'Bloodgood' is a hardy selection. Klemn's Song Sparrow Farm in southern WI has a good selection.

Korean maple is a great alternative but I don't think there is a red leaved variety.


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My red dragon Japaese maple arrived this week. It was a bit disheartening when it arrived, just an eight inch twig with a wisp of tiny red leaves on one end. I paid that much for a twig?!?!

I dug a $1000 dollar hole (Always dig a $1000 hole for a $1 plant.) and planted the twig in a somewhat sheltered, somewhat shaded location.

It really likes its new home. Two days later and there are twice the number of leaves and noticeable growth.

I have hope.

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I took the plunge on an Emperor I the other day. I found some reasonably priced ones in town and could not resist. It should be a nice protected spot during the winter and is slow to warm up in the spring. We'll see.

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