native substitutes for boxwood

macarius(Z6 CT)January 6, 2009

i was wondering if anyone in the north east (i'm in z6 CT) has tried using native shrubs as a substitute for boxwood. i'm thinking of using Vaccinium angustifolium, Ilex glabra or Gaylussacia baccata as a short hedge to edge a tall rose bed. i don't have a formal garden (yet), so i wasn't looking for something exactly like Buxus sempevirens suffruticosa, but a shrub that would provide a good, front of the border edge. i'm hoping for a neat overall appearance that can be kept under 2 feet tall and it doesn't have to be evergreen. This bed has western exposure (full afternoon sun), good drainage, acidic soil and average fertility. Will any of those work or should i consider something else? Thanks for the advice.

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I think any of the three you mention....I would especially think shorter varieties of Ilex glabra , 'Shamrock' to name one.

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