Got chokes? (Jerusalem artichoke, Helianthus tuberosus)

NinjaPixie(z5 Chicago)April 26, 2005

How does this guy behave in our climate? I absolutely love it, but have never had one myself, and I've read that it's a bit vigorous, to say the least!

I'd love to stick one or two in smallish beds at the front (west) of my house, maybe interplanted with some grasses and a few other things. Each bed is probably 10' by 6', afternoon sun, adjacent to brick facing.

What do you think? Would I regret planting this monster in a few years? :)

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

yes, you will. i did--so i hired a man to roto-till it all up. WRONG!! each lil piece grew. actually, they arent too bad, roots real good in stir fry, to me they taste like water chestnuts. and then the blooms look like sunflowers. so, i guess all in all, if you harvest some each year, you can control them.

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Bob_Zn5(Z5 WI)

The racoons dug all mine up. They were very efficient, the 'chokes are gone.

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