HAVE: Additional Info on Boston Area Plant Swap

littleonefb(zone 5, MA)May 18, 2006

Hi Everyone,

Since the swap is only about 2 weeks or so away, I thought I'd start a post with some additional info.

About 30 people or so have expressed an interest or are planning to come. So thought it would be a good idea to get more of an idea of who is coming.

Please e-mail me directly for directions and I will try and make them as simple and as specific to where you are coming


Now for things to bring besides your seedlings, plants, cuttings, seeds, things to bring your plants and stuff home


Based on last years spring swap, which was the first one that those of us that went had ever attended, I was thinking of the following. I'm sure I'll leave out something so please add to the list.

KEIGHTY and BONITAAPPLEBUM have offered to bake some goodies for us. sounds great, bring them with you.

CJSMITH posted about bringing something from the "donut world" That sounds great too.

I have a folding table we can put the goodies on and have some coolers we can use for ice and to keep anything we need to keep cold in.

And of course I have barrels to put the trash in.

So the following is what I can think that would be good.

1. Coffee and the fixins for coffee

2. Cold drinks

3. Napkins, plates, cups for hot and cold drinks, and plastic utensils if someone is bringing something that will require them.

4. sharpie markers, name tags so we will know who everyone is and masking tape for plant labels if we need them

5. plant books and seed and plant catalogs so we can look up info on a plant if we need info. I have some seed catalogs but not sure if we will need more info than is in those.

Last year we had a thread of what people where bringing and it worked well to have an idea of what was coming. We sure ended up with more food than we needed.

That's why I thought if we could get an idea of how many people where coming, we would be able to better figure out how much food to bring.

We can use this post to provide the info.

I can't think of anything else to add to the list, but am sure I will as soon as I post this.

Seedlings should start really sprouting up with sun now. Hope all are safe from floods and getting ready for the swap. So far I've potted up 175 seedlings. Will post that list on the other thread.

Looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone.


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

I have gotten several e-mail for directions and info from a few to bring goodies.
Please post anything that you are bringing here on this post so that everyone can see what you are bringing.

MAYALENA has offered to bring coffee. Depending on how many actually come, we may need more than 1 of those box coffee from dunkin donuts.

lISARD is baking something and bringing plates and plastic utensils.

thanks for bringing these things.


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Hi Fran,

My sister and I would like to attend the plant swap. I will bring some plants from my garden (not sure which ones yet). I will also bring napkins and Sharpie markers.

Looking forward to my 1st swap!


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)




We still could do with name tags, masking tape, ice cold drinks, water.

Looks like it might be hot again for this years swap

Don't forget to e-mail me for directions


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Hello everyone,
wanted to list the items coming to the swap and what we still are in need of.


several different baked goods
hot and cold cups
plant tags
small bottles of bottled water
possibly coffee but not sure


name tags
coffe since not sure it is coming

can anyone think of anything else?


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