My Lovely Larch

whateverisApril 11, 2006

I have a lovely, graceful Larch tree in my side yard, that I planted from a small seedling. This year is the first year that it has strange, beautiful purple tipped buds on it. It does have a few pinecones each year and I'm wondering if it will be covered in pinecones this year. It's is not considered an evergreen tree, as it drops it's needles each year, but it does produce pinecones. Go figure?

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Pines have pinecones; Larches have larchcones. :) In any case, I agree that Larches are attractive and graceful conifers. I've got both Larix decidua (European) and L. kaempferi (Japanese). I also picked up Pseudolarix amabilis (Golden Larch) last summer, which is closely related but not a true larch. Great trees!

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