Hostaholic's Tips for buying Hosta

beverlymnz4July 25, 2012

I learned a couple of things from recent posts by Jon and Ludi.

1. A hosta should not be shipped alone. Buy two more to keep them from getting lonely.

2. If someone outbids you on the library auction, buy two more hosta to make yourself feel better. (I myself can attest to this one as someone bought the last Minnesota Wild at the MW Regionals just before I got there. I was so disappointed. Then I bought Frisian Pride and Astral Bliss instead. I felt much better.)

3. Bid late and high so no one can outbid you.

I was wondering if there are any other tips or rules for buying hosta :)


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

leave the checkbook or credit card at home.. and ONLY take cash.. to stay within a given budget limit ...

do not buy anymore after july .. UNLESS every single pot is planted ... time for them to grab hold to avoid heave in the great white north ...

hmmmmm .... ken

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I thought from your previous post to Jon you were adamantly apposed to using absolutes in your posts? Clearly you were trying to be funny in that thread being you are the king of absolutes when you are "splainin" the world to us mortals.

Planting after July has very little to do with frost heaving. II could explain it to you, but I'm sure you actually understand the process. I realize it's easier to make a point when you are Ken from Adrian and throw out horse apples.

Clearly Beverly was being humorous, but I guess you again decide when that's

BTW, Jon is the man.


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A hostaholic should never take the kids to an auction or sale because you might hock them for more hosta. And the college fund is off limits.

An hour before a convention closes, offer to take the remainder off the hands of Gary from Naylor Creek so he won't have to pack them up. If that does not fly, offer to help him pack for your choice of two or three hosta. Honestly, when they pack hosta for shipment, I have enough GOOD wet paper towels once they are unwrapped, that I mop the kitchen with them.

If you empty the piggy bank for some extra cash, find a change machine so you won't break the straps of your purse.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Make sure you meant to order this hosta and accidentally ordered the wrong one. Ie: I ordered Sweet Innocent by accident. I meant to order American Sweetheart, a Ken recommended hosta. So I just had to place another order. I did this a couple of times and I am single and answer to know one. It worked great.Paula

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Start an ebay account... and sell everything in your possession you don't use...

Ask your significant other and family members if they have anything they are willing to part with as well...

Anything not worthy of selling on ebay, goes in a yard sale...

Dig all other perennials of value from your garden... pot them up and have a plant sale..

Choose beanie weenies over lobster tails... do this often..

Cancel landline phone and cable TV, netflix etc...

Make wife drink tap water instead of fiji... lol

Spend all money acquired to purchase hostas!

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Come to think of it, Jax, I accidentally ordered Sentimental Journey when I meant to order Journey's End. And that was very easily corrected with the next order, just like you say.

Brambofrazzleroot, you are a real hard case!!! Wow. No bottled water! I like your strategy of sell on eBay or at a yard sale. Very good idea.

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

A lot of hosta lovers in the area divide, have a plant/garage sale, and use the proceeds to buy new plants. I love big, mature clumps, and rarely break them up. I just go to the sales and buy, buy, buy. It works out beautifully- I get new hostas, they get shopping money, and in a few years they're selling what they bought. Of course, you do have to be careful about the chance of bringing in diseased plants.

If you buy something in the truly outrageous price range, remove the price tag before anyone sees it. My mother and M-I-L still haven't gotten over the $85. hosta.

Never mind if you have a spot available, buy it and wedge it in. Dig up more of the yard if necessary.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

she said: I was wondering if there are any other tips or rules

he said: I thought from your previous post to Jon you were adamantly apposed to using absolutes in your posts?

==>> rules should not be equivocal ...


who needs grass .. i could put a bed there ...

and then.. sell the mower/weedwhip/lawn fertilizer for more hosta...

what.. you have a goat/sheep/chickens .... i will take the 'nure .... oh.. i just built a bed amended with 'nure... i need more hosta to fill it ... lol

oh darn.. i hit the perennial bed with roundup ... room for more hosta???

i cant afford to buy annuals anymore.. besides.. i have these 200 pots of hosta ... [of course.. i could have had money for annuals.. if there werent 200 pots sitting there ...]

wonder what the empty pots are worth.. maybe i will sell those .... lol


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Why be so cautious? I'm sure some of you have children you can part with. And once the kids are gone, you don't need a second car.

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idiothe(4 MN)

In college I learned that if you wanted "something" you could buy one... but then a couple of weeks you would want another one and you would have to buy it... and so on...

and then discovered that instead of buying an ounce, one could purchase a pound, divide it into 16 pieces, keep two ounces for yourself, then sell the 14 ounces for the cost of a pound - and still be selling cheaper than the typical "street price." Fourteen other people are happy - and you get yours for free.

When I started my small hosta business, I used the same model. When a financial advisor asked me about my model, he suggested it was not very effective for making money but was quite effective for building a hosta collection.

(He also found my official annual business goal "I will try very hard not to lose more money this year than I lost last year." to be unworkable in his world view. We parted company...)

So if you have some extra growing area, it is reasonably easy to buy wholesale, keep a couple of each plant, and sell the rest - we ended up generating a pretty great word-of-mouth and email list, so our "yard sales" would typically result in sales of 1500-2000 plants in two weekends.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I know a Hosta collector who paid $2800 for an extremely rare plant about 5 years ago. She planted it and grew it to a large size, then divided it and sold off pieces for $500 a piece. She made back the money she spent, but of course now the Hosta is much smaller and will need some time to grow back to maturity. I guess if you want something badly enough, you find a way to do it.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

Wow, Jim, I used your business model back in the '70s, too. I never considered using it for hosta.


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seriously wait 3 years on new introductions much bigger plants much lower prices

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HH, I agree, those hosta sellers can grow them faster than I can. The new hosta intro will gain more in the first 2 years with them than me. I wish I had the patience. At least this year I waited to see the plant before I bought it. I mail ordered a couple new ones last year that are barely making it.

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I agree with hostahillbilly. New introductions will decrease in price in time. In general, when a hosta price stays really high, I assume it's because it is not a great grower, and suppliers cannot easily satisfy demand.
But my hosta money, time and space are limited, so I like to wait and avoid the expensive mistakes.
My shopping principle is always based on the same premise - If I want it now, I will want it in a year or two. If I have changed my mind, I've saved money and hosta time.

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