HAVE: Eqyptian Onions

applecider(z4_ME)June 29, 2005

I am looking for any edible multiplying perrennial bulb-type aliums (onions, garlic, shallots, etc.) hardy in zone 4 that will withstand our spring weather.

Note that every spring we get 2-3 weeks of warm weather (a hard thaw where the top 3 feet of ground thaws out quickly and some bulbs pop up several inches) followed by a 2-3 week cold spell (a hard frost where the top few inches of the ground freezes overnight). Most alliums die at this point. It then gets warmer again and we have 2-3 weeks of foot deep mud.


I will have the following 2 types of Eqyption Onions. The topsets should be ready in August.

* Eqyptian Onions #1

(I'm not sure what variety these are. They make reddish brown 1-2 inch bulbs. Out of the topsets, will occasionally grow another stem with topsets. On the older plants, sometimes instead of making topsets, they will make flowerheads with viable seed. The stalks grow about 3-4 feet tall before bending over. These taste like spicey shallots. These were dug up from a friend's garden who didn't want them and didn't know what variety they were. These die back in the August heat and come up again about 2 weeks later. They are green all winter long.)

* Egyptian Onions #2

(Again, I'm not sure what variety these are. These make reddish brown 1-2 inch bulbs, more elongated than #1. I have never seen these make flowerheads. The stalks grow about 2 feet tall before bending over. Somewhat milder than #1. These do not die back all the way to the ground like #1, but they are also not as large or green in the winter, either.)

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