Trade/take Wisteria 7 yrs 7f T light for part-sun evergree

dirtonmyface(Amesbury MA Zone 5-6)June 3, 2007


Have a Wisteria (purple blue) that is light because I trimmed it yearly. I bought it about 7 yrs ago and after waiting for years for it to bloom, I learned that it requires full sun! I don't have a full sun so it will not no matter where I move it--I was a beginner gardener at the time and was looking for the majestic looks that they have!

Looking for a couple or a combination of medium (about 4f T or 3f W )Malten Laurel, Hicks Yew, and/or pencil boxwood. In general, looking for evergreens that grow in part-sun.

If you don't have an evergreen to trade, but want the Wisteria anyway, let me know. I am re-planting a large area so I may still trade it for other plants.

Note: Wisterias require maturity for flowering and mine ready to pop.

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

I am interested in your Wisteria, where are you located? I have several yews I want to get rid of! I'm not exactly sure if they are hicks yews but I can send you pictures if you like. I have some very large ones and smaller ones. If they are not what your looking for I also have lots of perennials.

I am in Andover, MA.


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dirtonmyface(Amesbury MA Zone 5-6)

I am in Amesbury. I got this description from the web:'Hicks' yew (Taxus x mediaI made a mistake,too. The 'pencil' boxwood was meant to be "Sky Pencil" holly. I only have a small area where a couple of sky pencil hollies will do fine. I don't know how to edit my initial posting. Sorry.

Yes, pls email me pics/list of perenials you wish to trade.
I am so exited!


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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

I made a photobucket album for you to look at, I couldn't find your e-mail so feel free to e-mail me from the link on my page.

I just took the pictures in the rain so keep that in mind they may appear dark. The yews I have grow in dense shade and any soil, they are currently in very sandy dry soil w/lots of shade and grow well despite the horrid conditions. Like I said some are smaller and some are really huge.

Here's the link to the album, just scroll down to view the pictures.


Here is a link that might be useful: photos of plants

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dirtonmyface(Amesbury MA Zone 5-6)

Hi Sheila,
Sorry for the delay in responding. Evertyhing I was planning to do halted after learning that my Kitty whom I've had for 14 years has cancer. For now, she is doing well; still being her old self and enjoying the sun and the anuals on the deck. About the Wisteria, it is yours when you are ready to get it.

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