WANTED: To Thank Annie for a great swap!

gata(z5a NH)June 10, 2006

Thank you Annie for your hospitality. It was a wonderful swap today, despite the rain. Thanks so much,


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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

I will second that!

Annie thank you so much! Especially for the Iris that Kelly loves, she is beyond being thrilled about it and since it isn't raining today (thank goodness) she will be picking out a great spot for it. I told her, see how Annies are? You want to give it enough room so it does that it your yard. As long as you don't have awful people like us [ ;) ] asking you for pieces all the time, it will turn out to be a beautiful patch of spectacular irises. Now I am going to have to spend the summer looking for something beautiful to make up for it (but I quite sure I will have fun doing it, it doesn't look like you have white irises so that may be my mission--find a different iris for Annie.

It was so nice to see everyone again (even under umbrellas) and meet new faces. Hope to see you all in the fall!

Wendi and PJ (smart alec with the 'Hubby' name tag)

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Ditto what they said; THANK YOU, Annie for hosting the swap again!
Side note: Isn't it pathetic that it takes being in the Internet "World" to meet the people in your neighborhood? Mr. Rogers would certainly not approve ;)
Thank you to everyone that made homes for my pathetic offerings; I still haven't figured out (aside from the rain) why everything was so small, and just not growing AT ALL.
Thank you to everyone that let me make homes for YOUR plants, too! I am way excited about everything I brought home!
Note to self: USE the extra blank tags that I brought with me and tag the things that I get from others because in the hour drive home, I haven't got a CLUE what some of these are, even though I know I picked them all out, and forgot about the tags! Guess I just find a nice home for them, and let them do their thing and I'll tag it later.

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gregory2327(z5 NH)

It was nice to meet many of you Garden Web vistors at Annie's (I was the one that looked like a blue berry in the blue rainsuit). I was very pleased with the whole event, Annie's house and gardens are beautiful and everyone was very pleasant. I can't believe how much work Annie must put into these get-togehers. Next time I will come bearing EXTRA gifts for Annie and maybe some refreshments as well. Thanks again Annie for arranging 2 spring swaps and thank you to everyone that offered some of your great plants in exchange for my hostas. I will bring more for the fall swap if everyone isn't "hosta-ed" out!

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deirdre13(z6 MA)

Add my thanks to the list. Always such a great time,whatever the weather. I firmly believe that the lovely setting and gracious hostess have much to do with that fact that we come back to pester you twice yearly.
Hope to see everyone in the fall.

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Where are you? It sounds like you host a great swap and I'm new to this. I can't think of a better way to get started. How can I find out when your next swap will be?

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lilysgarden(5a N.H.)

It was so nice to see everyone on Saturday... and what a gorgeous day we had! Lunch was simply incredible... everything was so delicious! Annie... you make a mean French Onion Soup... just awesome!

Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness Annie. I hope to see everyone again in the Fall... that is, if you plan on continuing with this wonderful event as you have for many years...

Oh yeah, if I forgot to give anyone a plant label for the things that I brought... here is a list of the plants...

Cryptotaenia japonica 'Atropurpurea' (bronze/purple maple shaped leaves)
Caryopteris divaricata (nepalensis) (horribly smelling foliage, gorgeous blossoms)
Perilla frutescens - purple (purple stems and foliage)
Impatiens (?) Fuschia/purple w/white blossom (very tall annual)


Here is a link that might be useful: Caryopteris divaricata

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