Lexington swap 6/25 0r 6/26 ?!

cheloneJune 7, 2005


Too confusing. Too may cross references. Let's get it straight right NOW. Details to follow.

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I am looking, this time, at the '05 calendar. The date of
the swap is
at Marie Tulin's

WE WILL BEGIN TO GATHER AT 9, share food and conversation and begin to trade at 10. Anything having to do with gardens can be swapped: plants, divisions, rooted cuttings, seedlings, garden books, seeds, ornaments tools, etc.

People with new gardens and few plants are welcome. There are a number of us with extras to give you, or for you to try to trade with others.

Participants are welcome to list plants they want, or have to swap before the swap. It is ok to contact someone who has posted if they have/you have something desperately desired.

Everyone is asked to bring something to share to eat with the group.

A few people have looked at other websites about swaps, or have experience with them. Could you folks actually write up a simple explanation or procedure?

I'm looking forward to meeting you all, geranium macrorizum 'spessart' in hand.

Thanks for the correction, feedback and suggestions.

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Oh man I have to work!!!! I live in Waltham, sister in Lexington and I work in Billerica. Man this always happens to me.... Hope you have a good time...If you change to Sunday I would be able to come after 2 :^)

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starbird(Z6 MA)

Plant swap! that sounds fun. Never been to one and love to join in if one more is not too many.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Marie, it might be a good idea to get an idea of what people are going to bring for food so we have an assortment instead of all of the same thing. 2 other ideas: a rain date just incase our New England weather decides to rain on our plant swap and can we get directions to you location.

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OK, I have the following:

Pulmonaria (Mrs. Moon, I think and it will look bogus, cut back to the roots! but it's a great plant and bullet-proof)

Alchemilla mollis (TONS of it; great for "accessorizing")

I have a ton of bearded Iris rhizomes that have been languishing in the vegetable garden; won't flower this year, but will be OK next year.

Panicum "Prairie Sky", nice 2-3' clumping grass with blue foliage.

I have a lot of Siberian iris, too, but I'm not sure how willing I'll be to dig/divide if it's in full flower. I'll see what my energy level is.

I hae a number of pink Dicentra to eliminate. Like the Pulmonaria, it'll likely be mowed flat. You'll have to simply trust that it will come up next spring... (you have to ask yourself, "do I feel lucky"... well do ya? ;) ).

I can't really think of anything that I really need... but if what I've listed piques your curiosity you can have it... NO STRINGS.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Still putting my seedlings in but this is what I'll have listed first, followed by the possibles. Anyone interested,
it's yours for the taking, no strings attached as they say.
I'm looking only for a few hard to find things but want my
"WS babies to go to a good home."

Coreopsis, not sure what kind but in bud and bloom
Balsam impatiens balsum plum
several cosmos not sure which ones yet, will include sonata,
and several others
datura metal angel trumpet white and double purple
zinnia cactus grows 30 inches
zinnia dahlia like flower grows 10-12 inches
hollyhock russian, white heirloom, maybe some others
morning glory:
flying saucer
rose red star
pearly gates
chocolate silk
knola black
tie dye blue
orange noah
mix of unknown colors
Dinner plate hibiscus seeds from trade:
texas red star
pale pink
dark pink
maybe some other colors

poppies not sure which ones yet
jewel nasturtium grows 10 inches
morning glory
pink with white stripes
president tyler
pale purple star
emma's gift bread by one of our GW members and registered
morning glory

Still thinking about what food to bring. any suggestions?

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

bagels and cream cheese!

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littleonefb, what's a WS baby? And I would be thrilled to give some of them a loving home-- I really like cosmos and coreopsis. Also eyeing Chelone's pulmonaria... :)

BTW, I made out like a bandit at the NEWFS plant sale this past weekend. Some viola odorata, a jasmine, three daylilies, and two darling rosemary plants, each marked down to $1 (well, the viola was 7 for $2). Also got a native yellow honeysuckle for the back fence. I should probably plant those and my Bluestone order this week. Oof. So much gardening, so little time! (But it's a good complaint to have. *smile*)

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Hi Y'all,
I plan to make it to this swap. Pretty close for me. Only 25 minutes away. I'll be bringing some comfrey, and some monarda -- and who knows what else.

As far as food goes, I'll be happy to bring either a big pan of brownies or cheese and crackers. What would you prefer?

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

bagels and cream cheese it is, but how many should I bring, what kinds should I get and does anyone mind if a Just pick up some thomases in the market or would you prefer dunkin?

Deb either one sounds fine to me. If it's hot you may not want to bake brownies. Someone should probably bring lots of ice and or a cooler to keep cool drinks in.

Greening, will have plenty of cosmos, definate with lavender
and fusha sonata and have seedlings just coming up of seashells, bright lights, and some others.

WS is winter sowing. There is a forum here on GW just for winter sowing. This is my second year sowing almost all of my seeds during the winter and putting them outside and letting nature do the work. Almost all of my seeds germinated and wouldn't do it any other way. Check out the forum and FAQ's. Give it a try and you'll be hooked, just like you get hooked on seed trading.

May also have seeds to bring too, though not to sure about that yet. Now if it will ever cool off and not rain so that I can get these seedlings in the ground and know what I have left to bring

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

deb, cheese and crackers is my vote!

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Deb, I was planning to do brownies, so if you could do cheese and crackers that might be best for variety. :)

littleonefb, WS sounds interesting, will have to investigate it...

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dawiff(z7 WA)

Hi All,

I am planning to come to this swap too, now that I know for sure that it will be on Saturday. I am going to be on a plane to England on Sunday, so anything I bring to swap I am just going to be giving away, unless I see something that I just absolutely have to have! I probably won't have time before I leave to plant anything I get from the swap.

If I find the time to dig on Friday, I may bring some mature starts, but most of my stuff is winter-sown seedlings, potted up.

Fran, I know what you mean about waiting for the heat to break and hoping for no rain to get stuff in the ground. I have a bed I built before the heat came on, and I just have not had the fortitude to go out there and plant those hunk o' seedlings! Just watering makes me start to melt!

Here's what I plan to bring (Keep in mind, these are all WS babies, they will probably not flower this year):

Malva Zebrina
Purple Coneflower
White Swan Coneflower
Hardy Hibiscus

If I get around to digging, I will bring:
Yellow Coreopsis
Johnny Jump-ups

Foodwise, I will bring some fruit salad. Looks like the bagels and cream cheese and perhaps drinks are covered. Although I may bring a few 4-packs of Starbucks Mocha Frappuchinos, I am addicted to them, and at 9 a.m. I am going to need one to wake up!

See you all there!


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Any idea about how many are coming? Trying to figure out how many, what kinds and where to buy the bagels. Anyone bringing a cooler, ice and cold drinks to put in them? Also Marie can you e-mail us some directions to get to your home. I am thinking of bringing a large folding table to put some things on too.

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sequoia54(z6a MA)

Weeel, next Saturday is my weekend to work, but as that doesn't happen until 3 pm, I could probably come for a while.

How many people would be interested in Monarda "Jacob Kline"? cuz I KNOW there's plenty of that to go around. I also have some self-seeded baby peony plants (nearest a red flowered plant, but its other neighbor is a pink peony); baby old-fashioned bleeding heart volunteers; "ostrich" fern; sweet woodruff; and Labrador violet. The latter's flower looks like the sweet violet, but the leaves are a pretty dark green/maroon and although it self seeds and spreads, unwanted volunteers are easy to pull up.
P.S. How about fresh strawberries as a snack? I live not too far from a "pick your own" farm.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

adding to my prior list of plants I'm bringing:
godettia mixed colors
balsamina impatiens balsum plum
rose campion
Am sure there will be plenty more.

LOL, I was afraid that I wouldn't have to much to bring, but those "no show" WS seedlings are sure sprouting all over the place. Lots of them not to big, but they will grow very quickly with some good weather. Ha Ha if we ever get enough of it.

I'm looking for:
malva zabrina
dwarf tickseed
probably some others

My plants are for the taking since I'm only looking for a few plants and have some fun with fellow gardeners/WS in are fairly local area. So please don't be afraid to just take what I have and give them a good, new home.

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littleonefb, I have a bunch of trailing lobelia (like for containers) seedlings... want them? They're in a seedling chunk right now and just not growing as fast as the ones that have been planted separately...

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starbird(Z6 MA)

Hello Swappers,

Here what's I will bring to the swap.

Rudbeckia - Black-eye Susan
Echinacia - pink
Dicentra - Bleeding Heart - pink
Cosmo - mixed colors (lite & dark pink, white)
Tall Phlox
Aster - purple/pink
Coreopsis - yellow
Sedum - Autumn Joy
Sedum - ground cover form
Dahlia - white

I'm still checking to see what else I can dig up.

As for food, is banana walnut bread ok with everyone?

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Greening, trailing lobelia is great, start small and will grow quickly in this heat. Have several different cosmos for you. Hope all of you will take my seedlings home, far too many, besides hubby says 99.9% have to stay behind, he's worn out from digging new beds for all these seedlings.
Keep reminding him that the more he digs, the less lawn to mow, just hasn't registered with him yet. My list is long with lots of seedlings and all for the taking to anyone who wants them. See you all tomorrow in the horrible heat and humidity. Bringing 3 kinds of mini bagels, cream chesse, 3 2 liter bottles of tonic, 2 gallons of water, extra cups, 2 coolers and lots of ice. Think we are gonna need it. Hope Marie has lots of shade.

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How did the Swap go??? I wish I could have gone :^( I had such a bad/sad day at work I would have loved to have gone. I hope everyone got something good?

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LindaLou, it was fabulous! Everybody was super nice. I hope we'll see you at the next one. :)

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