Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) in Rochester area?

mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)August 20, 2006

I may be moving from the Omaha, NE area to the Rochester, MN area this fall. I'm wondering if my favorite butterfly bush will survive the winters. Is it possible to baby them with mulching? Here they die back to ground level and regrow completely every spring, but don't need special winter treatment, other than cutting the dead top off in the spring. Also, do blueberries do OK there? Thanks! Molly

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Hi Molly. Nice to see a fellow Nebraskan (former in my case :-). I'm originally from about 60 miles north of Omaha (Decatur) and moved her from Herman in 1994. I live in Owatonna (about 40 miles west of Rochester) and work in Rochester.

Buddleia are marginal here. They are Z5 and we are Z4. I believe many people here have good luck with them, but it varies from spot to spot. I planted one last summer, for the first time, and it didn't survive the winter. I've put in 3 more this summer, two are in the ground and one in a pot. I plan to mulch a little heavier for the two in-ground and I'm going to try burying the one in the pot in my vegetable garden. I'm pretty sure that one will survive (I've done that with a tea rose in the past) but how long depends on how many seasons I'm willing to go to the extra work to do so.

Blueberries do grow here. Moreso in the northern part of the state, but some grow them around here too.

Hope to see you here on the MN forum again, if you decide to make the move.

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sjmarq(z4 MN)

I'm in Rochester and I've only seen Buddleia once in a person's yard. If you have a warm microclimate in your yard and you're willing to work a little (more mulch, careful protection) it might survive until a really harsh winter comes around. Only you can deem if it's worth the effort but most assuredly it will not be a long term plant.

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playdirt(z4 MN)

Hi I am in southern Rochester. I planted two last fall--mulched them quite heavily. and they are in full morning sun thru 2 pm. They are blooming right now They arent the thickest I have seen but they ar eliving and blooming. Welcome to our town. cathy

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Mine died out this last winter after 3 years in the ground. So much for the "until a harsh winter comes along."

I think mulch them, keep your fingers crossed and, if it is a plant you must have, be prepared to replace them periodically.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Welcome, Molly. I live in Maple Grove and have grown buddleia since 2001. The one in full sun grows 4-5 ft high and is bushy. 'Black Knight' is 4ft this year but is in partial shade and has grown slower and more open. Both are heavily mulched with shredded leaves over the winter. The mulch is pushed back in the spring as the daffodils around the roots begin to emerge. Other than cutting back in the spring and deadheading they need no other attention. A very easily grown plant for me and so lovely and attractive to hummingbirds as well as butterflies.

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mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)

I AM coming up! we are looking at houses in Winona now. I think I read somewhere that the Black Night butterfly bush may be the most winter hardy. I'm excited to start my new garden there and will start checking this forum regularly to get up to speed! Molly

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