have: date of nh fall plant swap

annie_nh(z4/5 NH)August 27, 2005

10 AM , Sat. Sept 24th is the date of the NH Fall Plant Swap. If you would like to come, you may post a reply here and list what you might bring and what you are looking for. If you need directions or have questions, send me an email.

Looking forward to seeing old and new faces.


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Hello Annie,
I am new to the group/forum and would very much like to participate in the fall swap. Could you supply me with details such as directions and suggestions as to what I might bring? I have numerous perennial plants as well as seeds to share such as: sweetpea, blue and white globe thistle,pink, purple, red and white monardia, tall blue balloon flower, wild geranium in pink & purple,autumn rose sedum, onion & garlic chives, rhubarb,red, pink & white rugosa roses, and native orange daylilies as well as un-named hybrid daylilies from Center Sandwich, NH. I am looking for ostrich & lady or any other type of fern, pink/purple cone flower, pincushion flower, and if possible (cathedral bells - seeds. I also have a brug and a flowering vine (aruj??) to put up for adoption.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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This swap is Saturday, Sept24th, at 10 am, right?

(just checking........:-)


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Hello folks,

I have tons of stuff to swap this fall. Please note, I won't necessarily bring all these plants to the swap, so be sure to let me know if you're interested in something.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Achillea, Yarrow, common white
Carex, ornamental grass
Digitalis lutea, Small Yellow Foxglove
Echinacea purpurea, Purple Coneflower
Erigeron pulchellus, RobinÂs Plantain (AKA Spring Aster)
Gaillardia, Blanket Flower
Geranium pyrenaicum album, Hedgerow Geranium (white)
Hops rhizomes
Lysimachia nummularia, Moneywort
Malva moschata, Musk Mallow
Monarda didyma, Bee Balm (crimson and purple/pink varieties)
Oenothera, Evening Primrose
Sedum (unidentified species with starry yellow flowers)
Siberian iris
Sisyrinchium, Blue-Eyed Grass

Neomarica gracilis, Apostle Plant (houseplant)
Ficus vogelii, West African Fig (houseplant)
Ficus nerifolia(?), probably Narrow Leaf Fig, unidentified ficus with long thin leaves (houseplant)

Achillea tomentosa, Creeping Yarrow
Anchusa, Alkanet
Aurinia saxatilis, Perennial Alyssum
Creeping thyme
Creeping winter savory
Culinary sage
Cynoglossum, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, any color
Digitalis, Foxglove, any variety (except D. lutea)
Myosotis, Forget-Me-Not, pink only
Salvia (perennial), any pink variety that is hardy to zone 5
Scabiosa (perennial)
Veronicastrum, CulverÂs Root

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

hi Diane
I'm interested in your spring aster and your evening primrose. I have astilbe and loads of foxglove.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

.I'm starting to make a list of what I can offer for the swap. Right now I know I have
a couple of hibiscus,
some hosta,
jerusalem artichokes,
a grapeleaf anemone,
a baby elephant ear,
old fashioned double orange day lilies,
some lady bells and malva and probably lots more once I get my garden weeded.
I'm looking for some plants like ginger to fill up my shade garden and lots of poppy seed.
See anything you like?

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My list of have's

heuchera - Montrose Ruby (prefers shade)
Daylily - Wine Delight
Miscanthus Morning Light
Hosta Crowned Imperial and Hyacinthia
Spirea Anthony Waterer
Maybe climbing rose Golden Showers - (it doesn't seem to do well for me, but I know it has potential in the right spot)
probably others after I go looking more

have to think about my want list still...

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sheeshrn(MA z5)

Hi Everyone,
Count me and a few sisters in this swap. no time to list plants I will try to get it together later. Dianne, I will try to bring a pink forget me not for you(have to remember which ones are pink). Also, I have collected seeds too this year. Should be digging in the dirt this weekend (I hope.
What goodies are you looking for Annie?

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Disclaimer: This is my first year, so please don't shoot the messenger if I bring something that isn't tradeable. I'll try my best since I don't know what I'm doing yet.

I will be bringing several small clumps of:

Sedum: one light green thing, and one burgundy. Both have light pink flowers.

Daylilies: one or two lavender illusion, couple of stellas, and maybe a suzy wong or two- most of my DL selections aren't enough in qty yet to divide.

Seeds: have a gagillion malva hollyhocks in pink and dark purple, and will harvest some cleome soon.

Not sure what I can dig up from the 'Mixed Cottage Garden' boxed mix from Walmart. I don't know which are perennials, and which are annuals, (and which are selections that just didn't bloom for me) so don't know what to share. Please PLEASE email me if any of these are of interest and I'll pull them up for the swap:
batchelor buttons
prairie coreopsis,
some cute little yellow coreopsis-looking thing,

I hope I'll provide something of value for the swap!

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Following up with a very vague list of varieties that I'd like to sample. I'm open to MANY suggestions since I'm a newbie gardener, and trying out lots of new things.

1. Cottage Garden anything. The 'boxed mix' didn't work that well for me this year, so I'm guessing I need to put in 'specifics' rather than that method.

2. Not sure of the name: a dwarf-looking variety of Rudbeckia. It might be a coreopsis, but I'm not sure. 90% sure it's Rudbeckia, but it's not more than 24" tall.

3. Echinacea- purple coneflower: Rubinstern, Magnus, or Double-Decker Purpurea (the one with the 'hat')

4. Gallardia- Blanket Flower

5. Marigold seeds. Partial to the larger-bloom orange/red varieties (Bolero), but love them all cuz they do well for me.

6. Coleus seeds (these are annuals, right?)

7. Dianthus- any color

8. Delphinium- LOVE these! Especially partial to the 'Butterfly Blue,' but again, I'm open to suggestion.

9. Yellow. Always open to yellow.

Thanks, everyone

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gata(z5a NH)

Hi Everyone,
A partial list of haves and wants:
Robin, I have lady fern.
Diane4000, I can bring digitalis plants from this year, so should bloom next; salvias, astilbe. Would be interested in your Carex, and Geranium pyrenacum album.
Annie, I have some European ginger for you.
Wendy, I'd be intersted in your Wine Delight daylily, miscanthus, and heuchera.
TRichard, Still interested in the Suzy Wong and Lav. Illusion daylilies.
Haves I could bring:
Daylilies Pandora's Box, Joan Senior, Happy Returns (yellow).
Astilbes avalanche (white) and Vesuvius (red)
Campanula - bowl of cherries
Chelone lyonii - pink turtle head (native)
Hardy geraniums - macrorrhizum, nodosum, phaeum.
Bearded Iris - unnamed but purple with fragrance that smells like grape soda!! Have lots and will bring for sure.
Knautia macedonica
Lobelia syphlitica - blue lobelia
Monardas and Phlox - ask me about. Won't bring unless wanted.
Veronica - crater lake blue
Hollyhock - I'll be bringing a nice young plant that will bloom pink.
So, if you see anything you want for sure, let me know. Also check my trade list here at GardenWeb for other possiblilities.
Thanks to all.

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I have: Achillea(The Pearl), Dwarf Astilbe, Lemon Thyme, Ginger Mint, Rose Mallow, Dianthus (lavender, a very prolific blossomer)Sheffield Daisy, (a very late blooming white daisy), Catnip, Spiderwort, English Bluebells and a shrub that I can't think of the name of right now.
Looking for Fall crocus & hyacinth and red flowers.
Sounds like a great swap day!

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lizinnh(z5 NH)

I am a newbie and don't have as much to offer. Pachysandra, yellow sundrops, acer maple, money plant, english ivy, magenta spiderwort... not sure what else

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if anyone has any tall yellow yarrow, I would be interested. Also creeping jenny.

I found more things to bring in addition to my list above, but I can't remember right now.

Gata, I would be intrested in some of your geranium macrorhizum. I think that kind is good for dry shade.

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Hi Annie. I'm planning to attend my first garden swap this Saturday. I'm not sure how much material to bring though. Any suggestions would be helpful. I have gooseneck loosestrife, monarda, cranes bill, foxglove and other goodies to share.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Everyone

Looks like we have quite a group coming on Sat.
Here are some more plants I have if anyone is interested. Let me know and I'll dig them up

Cone flower
cardinal flower
fever few
rose campion
forget me nots
obedient plant
holly hock

I'm looking for some bushes to put along my new fence.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sat.


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gata(z5a NH)

Hi Annie,
I'd love some of your cardinal flower. Something happened to mine and it was not happy this year. I'll be surprised if it comes back. I'll be bringing some European Ginger for you. Would you care for a Clethra alnifolia shrub? I've got one that has been potted up for a year.

Wendy - I'll be sure to bring some Geranium macrorrhizum.
looking forward to the swap, and I think the forecast is for good weather?

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Hi everybody:

Looking forward to Saturday. Here are my haves to give away and others:

Robin B - I have several ferns for you to choose from. I'll bring at least 2. I would like your balloon flowers and red rugosa rose if you haven't already promised them off.

Diane4000 - I would love a piece of your siberian iris. I'm posting what I'm bringing right below here so you can choose.

Annie - Looking forward to seeing you again and also your new fence. I will bring you several nikko blue hydrangea cuttings that you can get started in water to put along your fence. Could I possibly have a red cardinal flower, jupiter's beard, and jerusalem artichoke? See my list below for more options.

Gata - I would love to have a blue lobelia, and a astilbe vesuvius, What is knautia? Is that the plant that the flowers look like little red round balls?

Wendy - I have creeping jenny for you. Light chartreus color.

What I'm bringing:

Joe Pye Weed (eupatorium)
Chocolate Mint
Bee Balm - Lilac
Pink - Marsh Mallow
Heliopsis Helianthoides - Yellow
Nikko Blue Hydrangea Cuttings
Creeping Jenny
Ferns - don't know the names
Shaggy Orange-pink dahlias (still blooming)
clematis seeds - several types
Hyssop and seeds (also known as asgastche)
New England Fall Asters - bright purple
Green and White stripped hosta

Let me know if anything appeals to you! See you on Sat.

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gata(z5a NH)

The link shows pictures of the Knautia macedonica.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hortiplex on Knautia macedonica

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Hello everyone -
Sorry to be so late in getting this list out - am really looking forward to meeting you and "swapping". I'm thanking in advance all who have noted things on my wish list and also update the list of what I'm bringing to acommodate some other's wishes as well. Please let me know if there's anything in particular I should bring more of. AND.... can someone tell me what size plants or containers you usually bring. I'm plannng to pot things up tomorrow afternoon in 6" but I have plenty of larger nursery type containers if that's what's expected. Also... Annie are you sure I can't bring something in the way of refreshments?
Thank yous to:
our hostess annie for: cone flower, jerusalem artichoke, and teasel??? I'm bringing: canadian ginger, garlic chives, poppy seeds and daylilies
Gata for: Lady fern
Tiabuddy1: for Rose Mallow I'm bringing: red monarda & dianthus
Diane4000: for Gallardia (Blanket flower)I'm bringing: creeping thyme
Debra_Boston for: Joe Pie Weed and ferns I'm bringing Balloon flower and rugosa rose
WendyB for: golden showers climber??? I'm bringing creeping thyme and creeping jenny

Am also bringing:lots of seeds to share and: perennial sweetpea, blue and white globe thistle,pink, purple, red and white monardia, tall blue balloon flower, wild geranium in pink & purple,autumn rose sedum, onion & garlic chives, rhubarb,red, pink & white rugosa roses, and native orange daylilies as well as un-named hybrid daylilies from Center Sandwich, NH. I also have a brugmansia (in full bloom see photo at my page) to put up for adoption.

Please answer quick if you're interested! Especially if I haven't mentioned something you wanted from my original list. See you all on Saturday!

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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

Hi Everyone!

Yes, this is extremly last minute but I will be showing up tomorrow also. Please take a look at my list, it's not that great,as I am sure everyone knows, it looks yucky in the fall and I would be embarrassed by some of the plants. If anyone specifically wants something shoot me let me know on this thread and I will bring it.



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Hi Annie. Thank you for Saturday's plant swap. It was great fun and I am looking forward to next spring already. My chelone (turtlehead) was quite a hit, so I'll bring some in the spring (of course it won't be as imposing then) and I hope to interest you in swapping something with me for a grape leaf anemone. Gosh I loved that! It was a great day and I enjoyed meeting all the other swappers. The picture I took of you with the Brug is lovely and I'll make a copy for you and Rachel.

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