Anyone Growing Kiwi in MN

ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)August 5, 2013

I noticed at one of our parking lot nurseries that they are selling female and male kiwi vines. Is anyone growing kiwi? I would greatly appreciate hearing about your experience.

Based on initial web browsing, I know that you need both a male and female vine. (1) male can pollinate several female vines. The male vine leaves are much more attractive in color display. The fruits will not be the fuzzy, brown kiwi skinned that you buy in the grocery store but rather a thin green skinned that does not require removal before consumption. The northern hardy varieties have smaller fruit size. Also mentioned is that cats seem to be attracted to these vines and will munch on them.

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I put in a male plant in early spring, hoping for some colorful foliage someday. The trick seems to be the right balance of sun and shade. Don't know that I hit the mark; time will tell.


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I grew some in Southern Ontario, Canada. Just a little south of MN. I planted a female and male. The trellis I built was quite strong as was suggested online, there are trellis designs according to growing hardy kiwi. I too had difficulty with the male, didn't grow much, too shady I think. The female had more sun and grew very well. At the 3 yr mark when we moved to MN, the female was crossing the trellis and the male was barely touching the bottom of it:( I'm hoping to to try again here and give the male some more sun.

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So funny...
I was just researching the kiwi in MN myself last week. I think I am going to try it.
This was good resource for me:

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Check this one out guys
I might be scheduling my own field trip there

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