Blue green cupped leaf larger hosta?

BungalowMonkeys(6-VA)July 19, 2014

Bought this today as a T Rex, but the leaves are cupped and it doesnt seem to look like the T Rex photos. It is also not floppy and stands more upright. Any idea what it may be?

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Looks a young Abiqua Drinking Gourd...just like mine ðÂÂÂ

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Found some photos of big daddy. Thought it might be that. How big do the leaves get on a drinking gourd? The leaves on this are bigger than my hand. Have a few drinking gourds that i can compare to tomorrow.

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

I would give this awhile, if I were you. My T-Rex has changed significantly over the years, although it has more of the droopy look you were anticipating. I don't think it looks much like Big Daddy or Abiqua Drinking Gourd either, but mine are mature plants and yours is still a youngster. It might be either. The dark look reminds me of Blackjack, or Black Jack. While it is not all that common, it has the characteristics yours has. It has a greenish blue look as a young plant, but gradually assumes its blackish tone. Let's wait and see on yours.


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Doesn't look at all like my Big Daddy(s). Mine are all more of a dome shape with more rounded leaves that curl downwards rather than cup. But my BD came from a rummage sale years ago & might have been mislabeled or confused way back when. And they're all left to fend for themselves without much (or any) supplemental watering.

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Bungalow, now THAT is a tough looking hosta! I hope it is a T Rex, I bet your sons would enjoy a dinosaur garden. Looks like it could take a bite out of anything that bothered it.

See if you can get komodo dragon, another wild and prehistoric looker.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Hosta Library says the Abiqua Drinking Gourd leaf gets 12-15".

Your's looks to be young. Too early to tell if it was mis-labeled. Where did you get it? A reliable source will be more accurate than a big box store.


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Dinasour theme would be pretty cool. Love how there is enough hostas to do things like that.

It was purchased at Hortons Nursery in Stephens City VA. They had the annual 50-75% off sale. Wasnt expecting it so I only had cash on hand. Going to go back and grab a few more later this week. Trying to not buy hostas anymore from big box stores. Found my three pauls glory are showing signs of HVX. They were purchased at Kmart and are being quarantined.

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What a shame about your Paul's Glory trio, Monkey. You do the best thing by keeping them isolated until you know for sure. Good luck dealing with it.

The link below should go to Don Rawson's Prehistoric Theme hosta garden list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prehistoric Theme Hosta Garden

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bernd ny zone5

Per my mature h.'T Rex', 'Big Daddy' and 'Drinking Gourd', the above picture could show a BD or a DG. Both, my BD and DG, have blue-green cupped and round leaves of 14 inch wide and 14 inch long. All leaves of my 'T Rex' are medium green and dome shaped.

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