have: date for nh fall plant swap

annie_nh(z4/5 NH)August 22, 2006

Our annual fall NH Plant Swap will take place Saturday, Sept.23rd.I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and getting to know new ones.You don't have to live in NH. I live in the southern section of NH so any of you in Mass. or Maine have east access via 93, 101 and rt. 3. Anyway all are welcome. You can arrive with as many or as few plants as you wish. Our swap is quite informal but we will make sure that everyone gets some good plants and of course we have door prizes.

Those of you who know the routine can post a message here saying what you are bringing and what you are looking for.

Those of you newcomers who are interested can post your questions here or contact me for information etc.

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I have columbine. Nana Alba, Teq. Sunrise, and some others. Not sure what my obsession was with these, but I have quite a few that have been in small pots, WS containers, etc all summer. THey don't seem to care. I'll put them in a prettier setting for the swap.

I have Daylilies. No name seedlings that are overcrowded in one particular space. Pastels- peaches, yellows, pinks, etc. No ditch lilies in this mix. Will pot up, or maybe just bring bare-root. All did well, but I just planted too many in one spot.

Dave, I owe you a named pinkie. Will find you a nice specimen.

Anyone know what the chances are of Lupine? I have several that I need to get rid of, but last time I tried to dig/pot, they got pissy and keeled over. I have a few that I'd like to take out...anyone interested in seeing if they'll 'take' if I bring them for you? They haven't bloomed yet; started from seed in 2005. No idea what color they might be. Probably will flower next year if they DO survive. I'll bring them if you want to take a chance on them.

Can divide up a section of Malva Fastigiata (the pink one) for you. They've gone by, so I'll have to cut them back and just pot up the roots, but they are totally gorgeous in bloom during June/July.

Evening Primrose. The yellow one. GORGEOUS in bloom, but it needs its own space; aggressive spreader.

I'll find some other stuff, too.

Looking for:

Oh, I dunno...colorful perennials, I suppose. I like BIG BOLD & BRIGHT...

Big poofy marigolds. Got some seeds to share?

Show me a list; I never know what I might like until I see it.

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gregory2327(z5 NH)

What time will the trade start?

I will bring hosta as I did last time. Below is my want list and my have list. If you see something on my want list that you can offer and see a hosta on my have list that you want let me know via e-mail gaterry@cri-mms.com or post here.

Bearded Irises
Daisy (big ones)
Blackeyed Susan
Sunflower (big ones)
Hibiscus (big colorful ones)
Other bright, beautiful flowers

Hosta Blue Angel
Hosta Sum and Substance
Hosta Montana Aureomarginata (one of my favorites)
Hosta Golden Tiara
Hosta Emerald Tiara
Hosta Francis Williams
Hosta Feather Boa
Hosta Shade Fanfare
Hosta Decorata
Hosta Fortunie Hyancinthina
Hosta Gold Standard

If you want to see what these hosta look like or how big they get check out the hosta library http://www.hostalibrary.org/
I also have a bunch of all green ones that were hybridized, but lack the variegation of the named varieties above. I will bring them and offer them for the taking.

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terryboc(z5 NH)

I'm in!

Greg, I can bring some coneflowers for you-I seem to be over run with them this year. I'd love a Montana Aureomarginata. I have one already and I agree it's a winner. The Feather Boa that I got from you this spring was the cutest little thing when it bloomed this summer.

I will probably have some of the following:


buddleia-blooming seedlings from what looks like Border Beauty, a light purple that apparently reseeds. So far this habit is not pesky

Japanese painted fern that is limping along here-nearly identical to the one I had at the spring swap for those of you there

Tiny Purple Emperor sedum

Whatever else I can dig up

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gata(z5a NH)

I'm going to be digging a Sarah Bernhardt peony - old stand-by, double pink. I expect to have 2 or 3 divisions, with at least 2 eyes each.
Also, will bring daylilies -- anyone looking for anything specific?
I'm sure there'll be more as time goes on.
Looking forward to the swap!

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

I'm looking for swamp milk weed and blue and red flax.

At the present I know I will be digging up some double orange daylilies,some heliopsis( perennial sun flower), one or two turtle heads,a spirea bush, one joe pie weed, blue cardinal flower, obedience plant, phlox and coreopsis I probably will find more to offer as I continue weeding my jungle of a garden.
Gata, that gentian that I got from you two years ago is full of buds. I can't wait for them to open.

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gata(z5a NH)

Annie, I can probably spare some swamp milkweed. Mine was covered in Monarch caterpillars this year!

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Gata- I'd love a division of Sarah Bernhardt. What can I bring you in exchange? More named daylilies, maybe? I have several choices that I could divide for you:

Voluptuous Pink
Pink Flirt
Siloam Double Classic
And I KNOW this one had a name, because I bought it at the farm in Madbury last year...but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was: It's a tall, large-bloom peachy-pink thing with a rose-colored eye-zone. It performed wonderfully for me this year, and was a rebloomer. Nice.

Oh, and Dave, I found the cutest little pink seedling yesterday in the seedling patch. It was a smaller pink bloom, mid-size height, with rounded petals (not a bagel, but similar in shape to THIS.) It was pink, with near-white midribs, and white on the tips and WAY fragrant! I'll give it up if you'd like to have it. No name on it, though.

Annie- I have a couple of seedlings potted up for you.

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gata(z5a NH)

mmqchdygg, either of the two daylilies you named (Vol. Pink or Pink Flirt) would be fine for exchange of peony root w/eyes.

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Dave- Here's the coloring on that pinkie that I described up there. It was nearly identical to this one; only the shape was different. Throat was yellow to chartreuse, also:

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gata(z5a NH)

Would anyone like some young Joe Pye Weed plants?

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Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe Fall is fast approaching!

Molly and I plan on attending and I may bring my friend Julie and her daughter Danny too.

I haven't figured out what I'll be digging yet, but when I do, I will post a list.

I will probably have some butterfly bushes (Purple, astilbe, Anenome (fall blooming), to name a few for now.

Gata, I would love some of your Sarah Bernhardt Peony, hopefully I will be able to dig up something you are looking for to make a swap.

Happy Labor Day Weekend,


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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Besides the other plants that I mentioned I will have some yellow hibiscus ( not sure if they are hardy) other hibiscus which I know are hardy, bee balm and some small honey locust trees if anyone is interested.

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This sounds like so much fun! I don't have anything to trade this year... but will be doing WS for the first time, so I'm hoping to have tons to trade for next summer!!!

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Rabecc,
You don't have to have plants to come to the swap. Why not join us?

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Hi Annie and all other swappers,
I didn't get a chance to make the Spring Swap, so I REALLY want to join y'all for the Fall one. Let's see. I will be bringing
--seeds from ligularia (nee4ds moisture to survive)
--rooted viburnum cuttings
--heliopsis transplants
--malva fastigiata (pink)

Whoever gave me the chelone last year -- it is doing marvelously! I totally forgot all about it until it appeared. How nice. Annie, the pink hardy hibiscus that I won as a doorprize came back and is totally loaded in flowers and buds. I also have a hardy white one if anyone wants seeds of that.

Anybody see anything they just have to have?

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Debra
so glad you are going to make the 23rd swap. I would like some viburnum cuttings. What do you see from my list that you would like?

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Hi folks,

Is anyone interested in hops rhizomes? Ours are taking over.


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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

Count me in, its nice to be able to do more than one!

I have at least one of everything unless noted.


Semi final list!
Hosta potted, some are large enough for several good divisions at the swap.
Pearl Lake
Whirl Wind
Gold Drop
Font. Albo picta
Ground Master
Purple Dwarf
Ginko Craig
Xmas Tree
Purple Lady Fingers
Thumb Nail

Potentilla, mini shrub or herbaceous perennial? Grown from seeds collected in Siberia, (not by me) 4-8" tall, and as wide. my original plant is in full sun, 8" tall x 12-14" wide never gets watered or any other supplemental offerings. spring flowering, white1", looks like strawberry blossom. When I dug a few seedlings I was amazed how long the roots were on such small plants. I assume they grow in the open barren lands in full sun. and they can withstand any climate New England can offer.Nothing seems to eat it nor does it suffer from disease. Zone 2-6,7. potted early summer, it originally had 1/2 sun. But I removed a tree instead of the plants. 3 plants available. Deer proof ?

Ajuga " Chocolate Chip" 1 potted
Alyssum condensatum, Bright yellow flowers, 6" need to dig on request*
Bergenia Bessingham Pink, zone 4-9, drought tolerant need to dig*
Carex ornithopoda var. very small leaf 1/8" x 8" long, cream & green, 10 year old clump is 12", very drought tolerant. Dig*
Chelone obliqua 'Rose Turtle Heads',Z 4-9 flowers late Aug. into Sept.in Boston. Dig*
Epimedium v.'Sulphureum' Rose colored foliage, yellow flowers in spring, Dig*

Prunus maackii, Amur Choke Cherry. Mop headed dense branching tree that grows 35-40' White flowers on 2-3" long racemes, in great profusion in early to mid May. 1/4" red to black fruit. These trees are cutting from my tree that has light cinnamon bark. Zone 2-6

Clethra barbinervis, Japanese Clethra. A beautiful shrub or small tree (10-20' high) Dark green leaves, fragrant 1/3" white on 4-6" long terminal racemose panicles July to August. Bark is smooth, beautiful polished gray to rich brown, may exfoliate. Japan, zone 5-8

Syringa reticulata, Japanese Tree Lilac, 20-30' x 15-20' wide. perfect creamy white flowers early to mid-June. Borne in large 2-12" long and 6-8" wide panicles. Scented and very showy. The seeds germinated after labor day last year and survived in a tray all winter with out protection . zone 3-7 Japan, potted They show NO signs of mildew.

Stewartia hybred, seeds collected from a group of different trees that are touching each other. These trees could exhibit any number of qualities. Only time will tell.

Sorbus yuana China, Very Rare

Stewartia pseudocamelia, fall 05 this tree needs no introduction. One of the finest small flowering trees, grown for its beautiful bark and mid summer white flowers. Korea

Prunus grayanei small compact tree. Asia. Very Rare

Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Dawn Redwood
Koelreuteria paniculata "Rose Lantern" originated at the Arnold Arboretum, a small tree, bright yellow flowers are produced in large quantities on 12-15" long panicles in June and July, followed by rich green colored, papery, lantern like capsules. Unlike the species, (paper bag brown) Rose Lantern capsules are what else but rose colored. fast growing, very tolerant Z(5)6-7
Cornus kousa chinensis, later flowering than kousa. red fall color. China

Cornus officinalis, small tree, yellow flowers in early spring. red fruits, zone 5,Korea

Acer triflorum, related to griseum, a tri leaf maple. 20-30'. Red fall color. Reportatily growing at The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Z5-7
Acer rufinerve, Redvein Maple, a small tree, 30-35" but seldom attains that size in the US. A snake bark maple, green bark with pronounced whitish vertical striations. Full sun, but light shade is preferable. Fall color is variable, red to yellow. Z5-7 Japan

Acer pensylvanicum, Acer pensylvanicum, 15-20'H, 10x15'w. bright green bark with silverish white vertical stripes. North Americas only "snake bark" a small under story tree. prefers light shade. moist well drained soil. Yellow fall color. Zones 3-7

Acer Henryi (Henry Maple), a small tree to 20-30 feet. This is one of the trifoliate maples (griseum, triflorum) green summer leaves become yellow to red each fall. Full sun to light shade. A well drained soil. Rare in NA little is known about its landscape value. Native to central China (Reserved for trade in fall)

Acer griseum, fall 05, need I say more!

Acer ginnala, -Amur Maple. 15-18' possibly to 25' in height. small specimen tree,these seedlings have medium rose colored leaves in spring before slowly changing to green. Late summer growth also exhibits the same rose color before changing to yellow. For 2 years several have retained some of the rose colored leaves all summer. very cold hardy, seed from Zone 3. potted.

Acer buergeranum, Trident Maple. a handsome small tree 20-30' slow to medium growth rate. New growth is bronze to purple, changing to dark green glossy leaves in summer. yellow, orange, and red in the fall. Z5-8 China

Acer ginnala var. aidzuense, There appears to some confusion on the part of maple experts as to where this tree should be placed. Acer tataricum ssp. aiduense, take your pick in any case. This small tree small maple, to 25'. Dense branching, young branches are light brown to reddish. Autumn color is yellow to crimson dotted with yellow. This sub species is quite rare in cultivation. Zone 4 potted 2 yr. old trees.
Good luck figuring this one out!

Buxus sinica var insularis
Corylopsis sinensis var. calvescens, winter hazel, shrub, flowers in early spring, China, Z6/5 potted.
Rhododendron wilsonii 2' tall, pointed leaves, pink flowers very late. Mine flower end of June into July, 2 potted, flowering size
Speria j.' Shibori ('Shirobana') 2-3' white, pink, red inflorescence summer till mid fall, Z 4-9 potted

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Everyone
So far it looks like we will have 22 definites at the plant swap. More are always welcome.
3 people are new to gardening and will not have any plants but they are bringing goodies to eat. If you are like me I've been throwing out plants that I figured everyone else had plenty of. Maybe you could pot one or two of these to bring to the swap. That's what I've been doing Actuallly there are always plenty of plants left over for them but I just thought you might like to add an extra plant for the newcomers.
Greg ,I can give you a hibiscus that I started from seed in March which has been flowering for me these past two weeks and some gloriosa daisies. I'd like one or two of your hostas that would be big and showy.

Anyone else I'm looking for some more hens and chickens.

I'm adding to my list of offerings Jacobs ladder, crossander and new one foot tall brugsmansia and jerusalem artichokes.

Let me know if anyone has questions or needs directions.

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Hi Annie,

I'll bring some hens and chicks for you- still deciding what else to bring - see you all on the 23rd

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Great Sasha

Let me know what you would like in exchange so that I can put your name on them

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Hi Annie (and others)

Well Fortune has her way with me again. I will not be able to make the Swap again, but I will hold a couple of the rooted viburnum cuttings for you. They've just started rooting so when they get bigger, I will mail you a couple.
Dang Dang Dang!

Have a great time all!

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hi all - sorry I won't be able to join you on the 23rd. I lead High Holy Day services at my synagogue that day, which is the first day of Rosh Hashanah (our New Year) and services don't end until 1:00 PM that day. So, I hope you all have a great time and I'll see you in the spring. I was one of the people who brought the chelone to last fall's swap, so I'm pleased they are doing well for you. Annie the datura you gave me didn't grow much but it has an incredible double flower on it now, a long trumpet like (about 4 inches)bloom purple and white and quite a scent to it! And, the hibiscus plants had beautiful deep rose colored blooms. I never put these in the ground. I potted them up in a big clay pot and am wondering how to take care of them this winter when I bring them inside. I'll bring the datura in too. Any care suggestions?

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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

Annie, can you send me directions.

Thanks Ron

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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

I would like to bring only what folks would like. I'm not choosey about plants in return. Propagation of plants is more my thing.

I have a small yard so I would need several acres to plant and grow all that I have available.

PLMK what you would like, I only have so much room in a small car.


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gata(z5a NH)

Hi Ron,
I just emailed you about swapping for the bicolored azalea if possible.
I forgot to mention that I also have many hardy geraniums, including some that are variegated, altho they are seedlings mixes and not technically named, lovely none the less.

Any one else interested in hardy geraniums PLMK.

No takers on the Joe Pye? I have several nice young plants of this. Good native plant. (Eupatorium purpureum).

Looking forward to the swap and my fingers are crossed for good weather!

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Please bring a joe pye plant.I have some people coming who don't use the internet who would probably be estatic to swap for a joe pye weed.
I've got a hibiscus set aside for you.

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gata(z5a NH)

Annie, that is wonderful. I'll pot up a few. I've also got the swamp milkweed you wanted potted up.

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Looks like we're going to have a repeat of the Spring weather. Sigh. Bring your raincoats, umbrellies and coffee mugs!

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Don't be a pessimist.The forecast I read said "chance" of showers.Maybe we will be lucky!!

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Oh, ok, we'll go with yours then. I only saw 'pictures' for that day, and it was the raincloud. I like yours better.

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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

Gata, Sorry but I was out of what you wanted. I only have what is listed. I didn't up date my trade list, so I was going by the one I posted. Those plants are for sure!
Rhododendron wilsonii 2' tall, pointed leaves, pink flowers very late. Mine flower end of June into July, 1 potted, flowering size. bell shaped flowers. I think its the best kept secret in the garden.


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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Does anyone have any oregano? While cleaning up my garden I found that mine has all disappeared. On the other hand I have plenty of mint if anyone is interested.
Looking forward to seeing you all on Sat. rain or shine.

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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

Greg, come on and give some of my plants a home in that wonderful garden of yours.
I have hosta Knockout if you don't have it?


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gregory2327(z5 NH)

Hello everyone. I won't be able to make it Saturday after all, something has come up that try as I might, I cannot get away from. If I pre-arranged trades with any of you and you dug up plants specifically for me that you don't want to bring to the swap, let me know and I will see if we can set something up. I really hate to feel like I left anyone hanging (Gata!).

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gata(z5a NH)

Greg, That's okay. Sorry you won't be able to make it. Hope to see you in the spring.

Ron, the Rhododendron wilsonii sounds terrific. Any chance you could bring it, along with Purple Lady Fingers and Thumbnail hosta? I'll bring some huecheras/tiarellas for you?

Annie, I'll see about oregano. I think I've got some I could dig.

Best wishes to all,

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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

Hey Everyone!

If we think that it is going to be raining again like the Spring Swap, should PJ get a pair of waders to help pull cars out of the mud again? Annie's poor yard, it was such a mess. I hope that it has recovered, just in time for all of us to come wreck it again. Annie you are such a Saint.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

It's not going to rain before Saturday afternoon ( last weather forecast) My yard has recovered just fine,and should it get messed up a bit again who cares!!!I live on a farm!!
I have forgotten who wanted the sunflower seeds last fall but( whoever) I have a big bunch of sunflowers that reseeded in my vegetable garden and because I can't bare to pull up plants I left them. The result is I have very few veggies but lots of sunflowers so you are all welcome to go gather seeds.

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I think my printout of directions to your house got tossed last time I cleaned my car...If you send me directions, I PROMISE I'll save them in a special place in my email folders this time. Thanks!

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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

Gata, wilsoni and hosta are moving to NH,

Annie, I have some nice oregeno I will dig in the am.

what else can I bring, nourishment and fluids etc?


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