Cheap source of organic lawn fertilizer

studly(4 (MN))August 6, 2008

Anyone know places in the Twin Cities, preferably in the southern suburbs, where you can buy cheap organic lawn fertilizer? They say you can find soybean meal, alfalfa pellets and the like (any ground seed or legume) with high protein % and use that as an organic fertilizer. In the organic lawn care FAQ (link is below this message) they say you should be able to get things like alfalfa pellets for $3-$7 per 50 pound back, but I suspect that is outdated and it probably costs more.

If anyone has suggestions on where to get the cheapest organic fertilizer (in relation to the protein %) please let me know.

Also, I'd be interested in hearing from those who have switched to organic fertilizer about if there was any noticable difference in the soil quality after you switched.

Thanks for your help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Lawn Care FAQ

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I bought a 50lb bag of alfalfa pellets for $12 this spring from our local feed mill. Hope that helps!

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I can get a 50# bag of alfalfa pellets at a feed & grain store for between $10 and $11. Great stuff, especially in a combined program of topdressing with my free home made compost on banks and places where the lawn was getting a little thin. Didn't have the soil tested to prove anything out, but just looking at the grass on the banks and lawn I can see a real improvement.

I doubt you can get 50# of a commercial organic fertilizer anywhere near as inexpensively as the alfalfa pellets. Or one that might work any better, for that matter.

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studly(4 (MN))

Thanks for the responses. I'll have to find a feed mill somewhere around here (Lakeville, MN). I've tried Fleet Farm and Tractor Supply, but they didn't have alfalfa pellets and had very little that could be used for organic fertilizer.

In other reading I've done since posting this, it sounds like soybean meal has the most protein in it for the money, which results in more nitrogen for the lawn. Anyone know how expensive a 50# bag of that is? Is that available at most feed mills?

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carmellia(z 4 Minn)

Farmers Mill & Elevator is in Dundas (adjoining Northfield). They give 2 phone numbers in the book - (507) 645-5648 and 645-7664. Dundas can't be much more than 15 miles from Lakeville. Turn off 35 at Highway 19 (St. Olaf exit). Take 19 toward Northfield and turn to the right on Armstrong Road just as you are getting into Northfield. A mile or two will take you right into Dundas. Carmelllia

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studly(4 (MN))

Yup, Carmellia, Northfield isn't far. Thanks!

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Is there a local feed mill close to Saint Paul? I live in Midway. We just moved here. So far I bought alfalfa meal bedding from the pet shop, but that's 15 USD for 15 lbs. 15 USD for 50 lbs sounds much nicer... ;)

Any ideas of what's close by?

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Hennepin County Coop just got bought out by Ace Hardware and my feed mill source for fertilizer is gone.
Anyone know of a mill around Plymouth or western suburbs?

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For the East Metro I use Houle's Feed in Stillwater off Hwy 36...I got Soybean Meal #50 and Alfalfa Meal #50 for just under $14 bucks a bag.

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A bit of a drive from Plymouth, but I've bought alfalfa pellets at Anoka Independent grain and at Anoka Ramsey Farm and Garden. Both places run about $15 for #50, with the second place being a bit cheaper. Last month I bought rabbit pellets at Fleet Farm for $13 for a 50 lb bag, on sale. It's mostly alfalfa with some added nutrients. Some folks are concerned about the added salt, but the consensus seems to be the amount is trivial. YMMV.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fleet Farm rabbit pellets

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