Master Gardener/City of Plymouth Plant Swap

leaveswave(.)August 3, 2006

This swap is sponsored jointly by the Hennepin County Master Gardeners and the City of Plymouth. Lots of interesting and some unusual plants.


Plymouth Creek Center

14800 34th Av N

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I would love to attend.

What is the date of the swap?

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creepingcharlie(z4 West central MN)

When is this swap taking place?

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oops! that would be good info to's Monday, Sept. 11th

Hope y'all can join us!

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

This swap is fun- You park in the lot- unload your plants - and run around and pick what you would like from others piles- It is a free for all!!!
It does seem a bit frantic at times-
I have found it is sometimes difficult to know what you are looking at- frequently, many offerings are not labeled- and it can be hard to identify who's vehicle you are at to ask about the selection offered. I still have plants I can not identify from previous swaps here. It would be refreshing to see more names on plants- I know I will try to mark all of my plants with a mini blind or a piece of tape on the pot.
Be sure to bring a sharpie marker to write on the plant/bulb/root itself in the event you can find help identifying your plant. I learned that tip at a past swap here- I used to bring paper and pens- but many times the paper has flown away or become unreadable by the time I get home- I do think I will bring baggies or lunch bags this time as well- because frequently in the fall- I have seen bulbs and tubers offered up out of marked containers- that way- I can take one of what I am interested in, pop it in it's own bag and mark the bag- and still know what it is when I get home.
People bring more than just plants- you can find pots- flats- tools- sprinkelers - books- fencing- fish food- and yes- I have picked up a few baby goldfish as well! Just about anything garden related may show up here! It is a good time to clean out your garden shed and bring your unwanted items to offer as well- your unwanted things may be just want another is looking for.
For those of you who have not been to a swap before- it is always appreciated if the plants you bring to share are potted up well before the swap and are past transplant shock- or are clean, dry and garden ready if bulbs- corms- tubers or the like. There is plenty of time to lift, divide and pot some up and keep them well watered on the north side of the house for a week or two before the swap- Yes- I learned that "by example"..... Oh- if you do not have plastic pots to use- I have seen plastic bags used many times with good results- as well as yogurt, 2 liter, cut up gallon containers and the like used as well- just be sure to make drain holes on the bottom with a sharp knife or drill. It is the plant that is of interest- not the pot. And- it is always good to recycle!
I do hope make it to this swap- It wil be fun to see you all as well!

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Sureturtle, I hope you see this! :-)

It's kind to pot up and label your plants. Some people reuse nursery containers, some use milk jugs or large yogurt containers with holes drilled in the bottom or even simply plastic bags.

You don't need to send anyone a list. If you want to arrange a private trade, click on a person's user name and then on their 'trade list' link. You can use the 'send email' link (if it's present) to write and ask about their interest in a specific swap.

The Plymouth swap is not a strict one-for-one swap. You bring and unload what you have. You walk around and take what you like (putting it in your trunk so someone else doesn't pick it!). Most gardeners are pretty fair about using this honor system. If any of your original plants are left by the time you want to leave, you take them back. This works well if you are interested in many types of plants (especially the more common plants) or you can be tempted in anything with leaves and roots! I'm more particular about what I want and I usually find more than enough to satisfy me.

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faithinfrogs(zone 3 to 4)

This sounds great and like it's gonna be a whole lotta fun.
Has this been going on in the spring also? Count me in for Sept's swap and spring to if there is one.

Peace in playin with nature

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Next Monday!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

This was my first plant swap. There were many plants that I have not tried before and all the ones I took found new homes. Now to find places for the new plants. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

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