Thuja Green Giant life expectancy

genebelorApril 5, 2006


I am thinking about planting 20-25 of Green Giants to create a privacy wall by the 100 feet of the old rusting fence. I have read about them growing very fast and requiring very low to no maintenance.

The question is what is their life expectancy? I thought the general rule was if a plant grows fast, it does not last?



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Sorry I don't know how long they live. I am sure that depends on such factors as sun, water and soil quality. You are right asking on these boards though because I have found web sources and even nurseries have no idea. Better to talk to someone who has them in your area.

I am looking to buy some Green Giants myself but haven't found them in local nurseries. I guess I need to find a good internet nursery and order them.

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Hi Gene, I bought one Thuja with hopes of buying a doz. more. The one I have is such a disapointment. has grown about one foot and yes the deer will eat it. I am a master gardener and it did get the best of care. maybe someone else had better luck, I sure didn't.

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I purchased 18 of them last Spring (2005)and they did well. But now this Spring (2006) they are brown and I don't know if they'll come back. I think the Winter may have been a bit rough on them. I'm in the Northern Illinois area and we can get some pretty frigid temperatures. Good luck if you try growing them.

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Hi Sue, I would be interested to know how much growth your thuja puts on in a yr. Mine averages approx. 1 ft. a year, not 3 ft. as advertised. Keep us posted. thanks

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sissyz(Z5 NorthIL)

The trouble with planting a hedge with one plant is this:
if that plant falls to a disease or invasive bug, the whole row is going to go.

Here in Northern Illinois, I see it all the time, first one goes and they fall like dominoes, leaving nothing for wind break or privacy.
If I might, a much better idea is to intermix with a variety of evergreens- pines, firs, aborvitae, and such.
This way, if you lose all of one, the others will be there to serve the purpose and you aren't exposed to the world!!

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So Far, about half of my 18 trees are greening up. To me that seems like a miracle. I thought for sure as brown as they were that they were gonners!
To Sissyz: that's a great idea to plant a hedge that contain variety and differing textures. I may just do that if some of the brown thujas don't brown up. It seems like a lot of people like the thujas for the quick screening promise, as I did. Though, not much of a screen when they're brown and not growing well.
To Hamstewart: My Thujas probably grew close to 10" last summer (2005) even when our area experienced drought. I watered them faithfully every week during the drought.

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plantman314(z5-6 StL, MO)

About four years ago I sold almost 100 Green Giants to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. They have had no problem, and they seem to have a very high servivability at residential properties, even when dealing with heavy clay soils.

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Just a quick update: I planted 20 1 gallon sized GGs (18"-24") from Greenwood Nursery in the first week of June.

After being in the ground for almost 3 months, I see a growth of 2" - 3". I also notice that the plants are a lot healthier and greener now. I have been watering the plants twice a day using a soaker hose and planning on switching the watering schedule to once a day.


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genebelor, you said that you water 2 times a day. I was doing the same thing until I read that that might be a bit much. I live in the Hampton Roads area of VA. Should I water that much? We have been getting a bunch of rain lately, so I stopped watering all together. They have been planted since mid March, so I would think they are established. I have very little experiance with planting, so all advice on these GG is appreciated.

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I planted 8 that were about 6 feet tall they are now about 10 feet tall grew 4 feet in one year. Yes the deer will eat them if they are in the path they travel they will not seek them out. If they eat them other than winter I would suggest getting a Scarecrow (brand name) which is a motion sensored water sprinkler. The deer will not come near them I have them protecting my trees and flowers (my neighbor feeds the deer)and have suffered no plant damage...

Good Luck,


PS my trees also stated out brown in the spring... now all green

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Hi all, Follow planting instructions and keep weeds and grass 2-3 ft away in all directions from Thuja Green Giant trees. Weeds and grass rob the tree, thus, slowing down it's growth rate.
Never let the trees dry out. This also slows growth. Water for a few years after planting until they become well established.
If you plant many trees, use a drip line or soaker hose for best results.
Extremely high temps in your area slows growth, as does Temps below 45 degrees.
Green giants do brown a bit during the winter months, but, green back up in spring.

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Hi all I put in 6 green giants last year they were about 5 ft. so far they have'nt grown any but at least they made it through the winter. My question is what should I feed them, I read use a slow release fertiliser anyone know what would be good and how much. lThanks

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