Front yard photos to share.

maow(6a)July 18, 2014

More soft colored hosta to compliment my Beautiful edgings day lilies.
In the half circle bed currently are- 7 Annabelle hydrangeas, 2 fragrant bouquet and a sunpower hosta.

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Any suggestions of what hostas to keep sunpower and fragrant bouquet company? Looking to add a FEW more, no blues and no huge ones though - do not want to overwhelm the existing hydrangeas and hostas, this bed gets midday to all afternoon sun.

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Beautiful front yard! I'd share mine but it is embarrasing at this point. Tore everything out and starting from scratch. Have a hedge working of tiny annabelles with some hostas in front and thats it until I figure out what else to do.

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Thank you bungalowmonkey, it was a lot of back breaking work. Have faith, it will all be gorgeous very soon. The original front and back garden was so neglected, that it only had moss everywhere, weeds, a gazillion goutweeds, pachysandra, many dead creeping juniper and the non descript plain green hostas randomly planted allover. It was so bad, we never came out to the garden for 4 years. Then one day... I've had it and started attacking the hostas and goutweed with buckets of salt and industrial size pots of boiling hot water. We amalgamated the clay soil in one summer working night and day while keeping my fulltime 65 hour a week job, I almost died from exhaustion! I must have thrown out over 300 hostas on the curb! Hated those things. And now... I am obsessed. Only the 3 bigger boxwood by the entrance, the 2 gigantic spruce trees and the devil looking juniper tree near the driveway is original, most everything is just 3 years old.

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zkathy(7a NC)

Maow, you could divide those FBs and get something circular going around Sun Power. I read a book about bonsai, once. I remember a description as "This will be a quick project. It should only take five years." Seems to apply to hosta gardening, too.

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I think Kathy nailed it with the five year project description! Most of my garden beds seem to be on that time plan.

The first year I lay out my design and plant everything I have for it.

The second year, I'm impatient for all the small stuff to grow and already noting some unappealing plantings and unhappy plants.

Then the third year, I move some plants elsewhere, shift some to make room for the new modified design, add new plants, and leave the rest where they were.

The fourth year, I watch the new growth, pat myself on the back for it almost working, and make a list of what needs to be moved in the bed. I'm doing this right now with a lilac bed; the bloom colors and times are all great but plant height is a little wonky.

I now have a couple beds ready for year five, which is to swap plants around based on actual growth and replace a consistent underperformer.

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