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hostaholic2 z 4, MNAugust 9, 2009

My garden club and my MG Group are planning to do a small plant swap together. What I'm wondering, from those of you who have participated in swaps before is how do you organize the swap? Do people send out out lists of what they have and what they might be looking for ahead of time or do you just bring whatever you have? So you work out actual trades with people, or is it You bring six plants, you take six plants or whatever number? Do you draw numbers to see who chooses first, second etc? Any and all ideas/experiences etc. would be appreciated. Thanks in advance . Joyce

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I go to several swaps and each one is a little different. They all have in common that you bring whatever plants you want to share. I have not been to a theme swap but that could be done, ie: hostas, everyone brings only hostas to share. Some include trading other garden items, books, magazines, pots, potting mix, etc.

None of them asks for a list of plants. When a known group of people are getting together including lists can be helpful. Not requiring lists adds to the surprise find and flexiblity.

Trades are generally not worked out ahead although sometimes that is done informally.

Some swaps are more structured than others. One is a free for all. Everyone brings items to swap and put them behind their car in a big parking lot. People go from one car to another choosing what they want. This continues until all items are gone or until the end of the swap. Swappers are to take home any items they brought that others did not take. This is not a one for one swap as some people bring many items just wanting to share.

Others are very structured. Items are placed in an area and swaps are done in rounds. After items are placed each person is asked to tell about the items that are being shared. This is an opportunity for all to see what is available and what they will choose during the rounds. Round 1 each person chooses one item. Everyone goes to pick up their one item at the same time. Round 2, two items. Round 3, three items. Round 4, choose as many items as one wishes.

Some swaps include visiting and food (potluck) before or after.

However you set up your swap I'm sure you will have fun.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Thanks for sharing the info. I appreciate you taking the time.

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peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)

I just hosted my neighborhood's first exchange. I knew by the "rsvp"s that only 4 could make it so I told those 3 that there would be 4 so if they had enough of one plant type for 4 people, everyone would get one. And some people did have enough and others didn't. Being it was such a small group, the exchange was fairly casual.
Hopefully more can make it next year. then I'll do the name drawn out of a hat for each round.

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