today I had a good day

laylaa(7b)February 12, 2009

I was able to remove several nadina shrubs and replace them with Sparkleberry Vaccinium arboreum. Now not many in my neighborhood will appreciate this as I took out brilliant red, full plants (had pruned the nadina correctly and it was very full and RED RED) and replaced them with some rather pitiful looking twigs which had been dug up out of the woods. But I'm just delighted with myself, rather smug actually, so I thought I'd post here where I know there are other wing nuts like myself would think I traded up. I did trade up. They are stunning in fall, lovely bark and have berries birds actually eat, so there!

I didn't have any Vaccinium arboreum before and wanted it. Now I have it (so there) and there is a bit less nadina in the state. I hope the Vaccinium arboreum forms a lovely thicket and plan on planting sassafras with it for a truly garish fall and wildlife bonanza.

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You're killing me. I'm sitting inside a boring office with beautiful weather calling to me outside and you are playing in the garden. It's just not fair.
Anyway, congratulations.

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