Ceanothus americanus

hemnancy(z8 PNW)February 8, 2013

Has anyone grown Ceanothus americanus, which has herbal uses but mainly in the root, it's known as Red Root, but the leaves were used by the colonists as a tea substitute since it has a similar taste without the caffeine. I ordered one but am not quite sure where to plant it. I have a Ceanothus 'Victoria' in a sunny and dry location on a slope, which it seems to like since they do better without summer water, but I think C. americanus needs some water and perhaps better soil, so I don't know if it would be equally happy there, and if it requires more protection from deer, perhaps the leaves are not as small and leathery. I thought deer left C. 'Victoria' alone but I was looking at it and the outer small leaves seem to have been nibbled.

So, do you think I need deer protection (wire fencing), and has anyone tried it for tea from the leaves or the roots?

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i always put a piece of chicken wire over a plant deer like till it becomes well established, when young they need all the leaf surface they can produce. have never made a tea of the roots but make a tincture from the root for medicinal uses, its a lymphatic fluid mover and cleanser, helps stimulate immunity, a valuable medicinal botanical.

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