Native Florida bird butterfly shrubs for mixed shrub/hedge

Harleylove(9)February 17, 2013

I was hoping for alittle advice. My house is surrounded on 2 sides by forest. There is a house on the one side that isn't. The house is rented out and there are always people moving in and out . We have a privacy fence but because of the way the houses are built here, they can see right in our yard which I don't like. So, I was looking for suggestions of native shrubs, small trees that I can plant near the fence and will grow taller than the fence and give me my much needed privacy. Don't have to be formal, don't mind if they are just left to grow but would like something that supports wildlife. Oh and nothing poisonous because I have a 2 year old and puppy that eat everything.

Any suggestions, greatly appreciated!


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Wax myrtle and Yaupon Holly are the first ones that come to mind. If its not too dry, Osmanthus Americanus (Devilwood) may work too.

Carolina Cherry Laurel and Yellow Anise are good privacy shrubs too, but im not sure if they'd be poisonous to your dog.

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THank you! I'm gong to look into those

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