foundation planting

fiddlrs3(NE Illinois)February 8, 2010

I've been trying to establish prairie flowers around the perimiter of my house, with little bluestem as attractive, living mulch to keep the lawn grasses and weeds at bay. Now I get warned that since I live in a fairly rural area, the grass cover just invites rodents up against to and eventually into, the house. Any truth to this?

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I have lots of chipmunks near my house because I feed the birds. I notice that those same chipmunks run through my native planting which is planting away from the house. My prairie attracts a lot of wildlife, mostly, birds, butterflies and bees; it also attracts reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Occasionally, hawks will move in and clear out the population of chipmunks. I also have a full time resident mink living in the prairie that keeps the chipmunks in check. I think planting native keeps everything in balance. The only real issue with planting near the foundation is it may be difficult to do an occasional burn.

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