If we ever get a break from this heat

bettylu_zone6aJuly 6, 2012

If this heat/no rain cycle ever breaks, do you think the hosta will send up a second flush of leaves?

It is so sad to see the damage the sun/heat is causing here to my garden.... Thank goodness my biggest hosta bed is nearly full shade - so most of them still look good.

A few of the the shaded ones do have some yellow leaves from heat stress and a few have bit of sun scald where there apparently are gaps in the tree canopy overhead at certain times of the day. They are kept watered, but the heat is killing me/them/all of us!

So what do the experts say? Will I see any new leaves later or is this it?


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bernd ny zone5

I think with the hostas suffering in this heat, I bet they are more than shade tolerant, they would try to run into the shade and enjoy life there, if they could. Most of our areas here simply do not have the rains as the countries see where they came from.

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Some of mine are already showing new leaves. In fact, on one that is pretty badly heat-burned, I thought I would pull off the burned leaves on top, but under all those ratty leaves was nice new growth. I decided the hosta was making its own shade, so I left them alone. That hosta knows what it is doing!


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Cher(6 SW OH)

Some of mine are reflushing now also. I kind of wish they weren't yet with the drought and heat. I'm doing what Sandy is, leaving the burned ones figuring they are shading the newer ones. I also cut off all flower scapes. No since trying to keep enough water going in this heat for those extras and am trying to just concentrate on the foliage.

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I've been worrying about this very same thing. It is a very sad sight out in the gardens. :(

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I don't know how it is in other areas,but my hostas never send up new flushes of leaves in mid-summer. Once the second flush occurs in late spring,the hostas just maintain the same leaves until fall die back. They just flower,and then set seeds(or not),and that's it. Phil

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I think mine are done with their second flushes by late June...because that is when our hail hit in 2010 and there were only two hosta in the whole garden that sent up more leaves after that.

Bern, I agree with you on the "shade tolerant" thing. Thanks to the storm in 2010 and my neighbor in the back taking out a bunch of trees, I now have some hosta in some morning sun. supposed to be ideal, right? Well, several have leaf scorch due to that hot morning sun, despite my best efforts at watering. The ones in the shade are happy as can be.

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This is Fragrant Blue. He put out a new leaf this week, and I can really tell the difference in the original color and the blue green deep color he had become. I never thought about them not adding more leaves, because most of mine are still growing one way or another.

The plantaginea family has mostly been moved into an area where they get the long rays of morning sun filtered through the neighboring mature pecan trees. Then in the afternoon, I stay vigilant and move pots to take advantage of my big pine stump's shadow, or the umbrella of the patio table I pressed into service for hosta shade. It seems to be working fine. The only problem being squirrels jumping to safety across the pots when our dachshund goes on a squirrel chase.

Looking at this new blue leaf, I can see where Fragrant Blue Ribbons got its blue....and after two weeks it still looks like powder...totally lovely.

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Ludi _PA_7a

My Elegans has been steadily putting out new leaves. It is in filtered shade all day. We have been steady 90's for almost two weeks now.

I've noticed though despite their shade the wax is melting off in some places and they are showing that deep green-blue. Not much I can do about that. The color regardless is still lovely.

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